Blog / The Value of Task Automation task automation concept Using task automation correctly can save time and money. Automating routine tasks is one of the most valuable ways organizations of all kinds can leverage technology to streamline their workflows. However, it’s a surprisingly big topic and easy to get lost in the weeds. There’s plenty of different ways you can accomplish it, and how […] December 08, 2022
Blog / What’s in Your Service Level Agreements? Service Level Agreements concept rendered as button with three settings Here are three key points service level agreements should cover. Service level agreements, also known as SLAs, are the legal backbone of most software applications (primarily enterprise-level) and IT companies. They spell out the specific terms of a service being provided. However, no two SLAs are the same, and will likely vary considerably depending on […] November 24, 2022
Blog / Managed vs. Professional IT Services Managed versus Professional IT Services They’re similar, but not identical. If there’s one thing the IT community seems to love, it’s throwing around new jargon and coming up with new acronyms. That’s not at all a bad thing; oftentimes, zippy and easy to remember terms can help speed communication and even give a clue as to what the thing may […] November 17, 2022
Blog / The Value of a Good IT Education Learn in blue keyboard letters denoting a good IT education is ongoing Making sure you and your staff know what you’re doing is key to leveraging your technology properly. Technology advances swiftly, and will only advance faster as it progresses. That makes it vitally important for business personnel to keep their technology skills up to date. One of the reasons many digital transformations fail to deliver their […] October 27, 2022
Blog / Compliance as a Service Compliance as a Service Getting compliance right is worth the price. It seems like everything comes as a service these days. The most well known of these is likely SaaS, or Software as a Service, of which there are hundreds of thousands of variants these days when you include everything from Microsoft 365 to monthly game and app subscriptions. […] September 22, 2022

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