Is your information cyber secure?

Cyber security is becoming a mandatory requirement to protect the sensitive information stored on your computer systems. TRINUS has provided effective cyber security assessments, investigations, and counter-measures designed to keep your information safe.

Cyber Security that is Second-to-None

Cyber security is the concept of securing computer systems, programs, and networks against digital attacks, including hacking, phishing, viruses, ransomware, or any other malware. A well-designed cyber security program will use a variety of software applications and training programs to create multiple layers of protection for your computers, data, servers, network, and other devices.

TRINUS uses a proven approach to identify and protect against both general online threats and those that may be specific to your organization or industry. Our cybersecurity offerings include:

  • Infrastructure security
  • Data protection and backups
  • Application security
  • Network and cloud security
  • Cybersecurity assessments
  • Business continuity planning and disaster recovery
  • Policy and procedure reviews
  • Advanced technical cybersecurity countermeasures
  • Continuous system monitoring and threat analysis
  • Operational security
  • Physically securing devices, and
  • End-user education for defending against phishing and socially-engineered hacks

In the past five years, no TRINUS client using our cyber security services has lost data or system access due to a cyber security breach.

What we guarantee:

Recover From Ransomware

TRINUS Cyber Security Services can assess and implement effective countermeasures to guard against Ransomware. Protect your servers, computers and all your information with proven Technology and Techniques, that ensure you do not have to pay a Ransom or lose your sensitive Data.

Be Cyber-Insurance-Ready

TRINUS Cyber Security Services can help you qualify for the latest class of Cyber Insurance, by assessing your Security measures and answering confusing application questions, such as: Are you PCI Compliant?, or: Do you process and store more or less than 100,000 records? TRINUS can evaluate, correct deficiencies, and help you complete these applications.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

TRINUS Security Services can evaluate, lock-down and monitor your remote connections, to prevent rogue access to your local or Cloud systems. Use easy-to-remember, yet secure passwords, and implement high-end, affordable Two-Factor-Authentication, to increase confidence in your Remote Security.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Find out how TRINUS can help you implement and manage technology and security in your business.


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