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There’s no time for down time in business. TRINUS offers comprehensive managed IT and cyber security services to ensure industrial businesses are in full operation. We build our solutions on pro-active planning and support. Our goal is to help bring your business up to the latest technology and security standards.

IT and Network Assessment

Get a no cost, no commitment analysis/audit of your IT environment from our team of IT experts.

IT Questions? We’ve got IT answers!

When working with TRINUS, you can expect fast, personalized, and professional support. We have multiple levels of support agreements to meet your every-growing needs.

TRINUS provides proactive and forward-thinking management of IT resources to maximize their value; asset management, life-cycle planning, and proactive maintenance can be key to gaining control of your IT investment.

TRINUS has image-based backup and disaster recovery systems hosted in our private Cloud that can reduce the impact of system and facility loss. Systems can be restored to operational status in minutes or hours, through remote access of applications and data mirrored on our secure servers.

TRINUS offers an independent service called a Network Assessment. A Technician will perform an onsite evaluation of the hardware, software and practices of your site. After a thorough inventory, assessment, and analysis, we’ll present a detailed report of our findings, along with our prioritized recommendations to improve the efficiency, stability, and security of your IT system. This report provides an unbiased look at your infrastructure and ways you can improve.

TRINUS works on a Managed Services plan. That means that each device on the municipal network is managed via alert agents, allowing us to see the status of all system devices. Many times, we can detect threats, as they are attempting to infiltrate the network. We can often identify user practices that are potentially harmful and dangerous. In a recent situation, we noted that movies were being illegally downloaded on the municipality’s wi-fi. We were able to report it back to Senior Management, to take corrective action.

TRINUS can assist with realistic and business-case budget planning; often reducing the IT budget to a few lines that eliminate capital expenditures.

TRINUS has scalable options for businesses of every size. Part of this plan is to assess your current business needs, system hardware, and size – and then provide realistic and affordable options to improve your Information Technology. We customize our Services based on you and the size of your operation.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Find out how TRINUS can help you implement and manage technology and security in your business.


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TRINUS is proud to partner with industry leaders for both hardware and software who reflect our values of reliability, professionalism and client-focused service.