Blog / Decryption as a Service? Decryption Ransomwares’ latest decryption trick is just one reason to stay up-to-date about cybersecurity. When it comes to security it’s vitally important to ensure your defenses, and the procedures to support them, are actually useful. Any security system that isn’t properly supported and maintained—from physical security like keycard readers on locked doors to cybersecurity tools like […] July 16, 2024
Blog / The Importance of Locking Computers Physical Cybersecurity Physical security is too often overlooked When most people contemplate cybersecurity they think about the many technical considerations it entails, such as firewalls and malware detection meant to defend against hackers and remote attacks. However, each machines’ actual physical security is unfortunately too often overlooked. We briefly touched on this very subject last week with […] July 09, 2024
Blog / How Much Cybersecurity Is Too Much? An image of multiple locks demonstrating how much cybersecurity is required these days The Cost of Efficiency Depends on How Much Cybersecurity is Required. While the technicalities of cybersecurity are often tricky, some aspects are fairly straightforward. Like pretty much every other aspect of our lives–be it added luggage searches at airports, payment cards and turnstiles in bus terminals, or even just locking the deadbolt on your way […] July 02, 2024
Blog / Phishing Training For Employees Phishing Training The Importance of Phishing Training for Staff While not everyone spends their weekends on the lake wrangling trout, we all understand the basics of fishing; stick a worm or other bait onto a fishing rod hook, toss it into the lake and wait until it lures your catch into taking a bite, then reel it […] June 25, 2024
Blog / Computer Maintenance and Its Importance Miniature men fixing and providing tech support and computer maintenance for a motherboard Repairs and replacements are only part of proper computer maintenance. It should go without saying that regular maintenance is important no matter what you’re talking about. For example, good vehicle maintenance means regular oil changes, changing bald tires, and checking your brakes. There’s plenty else involved, but these three examples of proper automobile upkeep also […] June 18, 2024
Blog / The State of Cybersecurity – May 2024 The current state of cybersecurity This week we’re pleased to offer a special edition of our IT newsletter, The State of Cybersecurity, by TRINUS CEO and our very own IT guru, Kevin White. Rob Bot, Grace, and your Friendly Neighbourhood Cyber-man will return with a new video newsletter next week. Despite an increasing awareness of cyber security incidents, two common […] June 11, 2024
Blog / London Drugs London Drugs shop Nobody Does Ransomware Better. Okay, we admit that a headline making fun of their slogan is a bit of a low blow, but after their handling of a recent highly-publicized “cybersecurity incident,” the venerable Canadian pharmacy chain London Drugs kind of deserves it. For those who may not have heard about it yet, the pharmacy […] June 04, 2024
Blog / Multi-Factor Authentication Makes Multilayered Security Possible Passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication Are Complements, Not Replacements. Historic technicalities aside, users have always needed to provide two pieces of information when logging into a computer: their username, and its associated password. However, a relatively new process known as multi-factor authentication (MFA) is threatening to change that. Technology in general—and information technology (IT) specifically—develops at […] May 28, 2024
Blog / Network Audits: Necessities or Niceties? Confused Business Man Needs Regular Network Audits to Improve Accuracy Accurate Network Audits Improve More Than Just Cybersecurity. Network security depends heavily on the devices inside it, which quickly leads to an important question; do you actually know what’s in yours? Most of us are likely to have a general idea if only because we use it everyday or we like to track purchases. But […] May 21, 2024
Blog / Two Perspectives On Two PCI-DSS Rules PCI-DSS Rules represented by a custom keyboard button New PCI-DSS Rules Are On Their Way. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) is a set of rules developed by the banking industry that lays out the dos and don’ts for organizations that accept debit, credit, and other plastic cards as a form of payment. These rules classify organizations according to the number […] May 14, 2024

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