Blog / Have you heard of a thing called smishing? Person opening a smishing message on their phone One thing you should understand about computer people is that we love to give things funny or clever names, and we love our acronyms. Computer hardware storage sizes are a great example. It’s all about bits and bytes (and there’s even an old out-of-use term known as a nibble). These are real terms that I’m […] September 28, 2021
Blog / Clarifying Change Management For Businesses (Pt. 1) Two arrows pointed opposite ways, demonstrating the concept of change management. As many have noted over the years, change is inevitable. That doesn’t mean it’s good or bad, just that there’s not a lot we can do to stop it. So rather than resisting change, many businesses embrace it. Oftentimes change can bring about more efficient processes, improved customer service, higher satisfaction, and ultimately better overall […] September 23, 2021
Blog / Email Security Is More Important Than Ever Padlock and envelopes concept of email security Email is an amazing tool that just about everyone is at least partly familiar with. Every day, millions of emails are sent across the globe. But that’s not even the most amazing thing about it. The truly incredible thing about email is its complete and utter lack of built-in security. That’s right. When you boil […] September 21, 2021
Blog / An introduction to IT infrastructure and its components IT infrastructure components as jigsaw puzzle pieces Information technology, like anything else, requires the appropriate foundation on which to run. Just like cars need roads and cities need sewers, IT needs physical components in order to operate effectively. Unlike car and cities, though, information technology also requires a fair number of intangible components as well. As regular readers of our newsletter may […] September 20, 2021
Blog / Computer Security Basics Are Always Evolving Business man upgrading computer security practices What’s considered common sense in computer security is always changing. In fact, if I had to describe the world of computer security in one word, it would be ‘volatile’. Unfortunately too many people think this just means the bad guys are constantly evolving their tactics. Too often they forget that, in this context, volatility also […] September 14, 2021
Blog / The Benefits of VOIP Technology for Business VoIP technology represented by a phone cord connected to a mouse Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP technology, is seeing a resurgence in business uptake. In fact, according to a 2020 report from Global Market Insights, the VoIP services market will grow to an estimated $90 BILLION USD by 2027. VoIP has not only been integral to businesses’ ability to communicate throughout the pandemic, […] September 09, 2021
Blog / Layered Security is Your Network’s Best Defense Layered security represented by three interlocking padlocks Another day, another breach of a major company. This time around it’s T-Mobile, one of the major US cellular carriers, who apparently wasn’t using layered security as part of their defenses. The hacker claiming to be responsible is active on Twitter, and claims the attack was politically motivated by an alleged abduction and subsequent torture […] September 07, 2021
Blog / Three Common Myths about Clouds for Businesses Business woman examining myths about clouds for businesses One of the most significant advancements in IT in recent history is the development of cloud computing and storage. Although technically a theoretical framework originally developed in the 60s, most industry insiders agree that the term was first introduced to the world by Google back in 2006, with true computer clouds for businesses beginning to […] September 06, 2021
Blog / Website Monitoring and Traffic Filtering for Businesses Camera against circuit symbolizing website monitoring When the internet was first invented we thought it was going to be a boon for humanity. Unfortunately, although it was easy to see the internet’s potential for good, it was just as easy for the criminals to see its potential for exploitation. From a business perspective, this meant things like leaking inside information, wasting […] August 31, 2021
Blog / Data Meshes are the Future of Data Architecture Pipes taking in bytes, representing data meshes and their pipelines Data management has been an issue for growing businesses for a long time. For decades businesses have relied on vast data lakes or monolithic data warehouses to manage their data. Unfortunately, the extensive investments many businesses have made in their data warehousing is not paying off the way they would like. That’s because centralized data […] August 26, 2021

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