Blog / Cryptojacking: A Brief Look at a New Online Threat hacker performing cryptojacking In order to effectively communicate with people, it’s important to be able to speak the same “language.” This is true regardless of who you’re speaking to or what you’re talking about. Two botanists debating the best soil composition for growing drought resistant flowers are going to use very different language than two neighbours chatting about […] July 27, 2021
Blog / Five Backup Methods Used By Managed IT Providers Server being backed up by managed IT providers Keeping your data secure is one of the key services of managed IT providers, but keeping it out of hackers’ hands is just part of the job. Hardware failure, software faults, power failure, and human error can all contribute to the loss or corruption of parts or all of your data, so it’s important to […] July 26, 2021
Blog / Have you heard of a little thing called juice jacking? Public charging station juice jacking target Computers change quickly. The language used for computers also changes. When new attack methods are found, sometimes the old ways of describing things no longer work. Take the terms ‘Virus’ and ‘Anti-Virus’ for example. These were originally used to describe any and all malicious pieces of software. Over time, as new and more varied types […] July 20, 2021
Blog / Getting Better Returns From Your IT for Small Businesses Keyboard button representing better returns on IT for Small Businesses Investing in information technology is critical for businesses looking to stay competitive, regardless of their size. However, when it comes to IT for small businesses, it’s important they extract as much value as possible from their investment. Unfortunately it’s all too easy for small business owners to make some common mistakes when investing in new […] July 15, 2021
Blog / PrintNightmare Has Become a True Nightmare A computer on fire because of PrintNightmare The patch that wasn’t a patch. Last week we did an article about a vulnerability nicknamed PrintNightmare. I described things a bit but also gave reassurances that a patch was in the works, which was duly released late last week. Sadly, the patch Microsoft released didn’t actually fix the vulnerability. Shortly after the patch was […] July 13, 2021
Blog / Does your SMB need managed IT support? four question marks representing four questions about managed IT support Every business runs into information technology (IT) problems. Whether you just have a few Excel sheets or hundreds of clients accessing a variety of online tools, you’re using IT. That means you’ll inevitably face IT challenges. Unfortunately, many small businesses take it upon themselves to handle their IT needs directly, without qualified help. Then, as […] July 12, 2021
Blog / PrintNightmare isn’t about a printer jam Windows’ print spooler is an unpatched risk. Do you remember the Microsoft Exchange vulnerability from a few months ago? The earliest attacks on it were detected approximately 12 minutes after the announcement that it existed. The reason was simple; the number of potential targets was in the hundreds of millions of computers, the attack was […] July 06, 2021
Blog / No TRINUS clients at risk from Kaseya VSA attack As you may have heard, the Kaseya VSA software platform was the victim of a serious and ongoing cyberattack. Please be advised that TRINUS does not use any Kaseya products and none of your machines have been compromised due to this high-profile attack. Kaseya VSA is a remote access tool used by some managed IT […] July 05, 2021
Blog / The Microchip Shortage is Becoming a Major Problem Semi-conductor news ticker about shortage affecting managed IT companies As you may know, there is currently a serious global semiconductor shortage. Semiconductors are an important input for microchips, and so are subsequently causing a computer microchip shortage. Unsurprisingly the culprit was COVID, which not only caused and continues to force temporary plant shutdowns, but also drove much of the modern world economy to work from […] July 02, 2021
Blog / Website Ads and Tracking Lately it feels like every other newsletter I’ve written has been regarding ransomware. I keep a record of the topics I’ve written on and looking back over it, things aren’t actually that bad, but the topic of ransomware does come up a lot. That’s why this week I wanted to switch things up and talk about tracking […] June 29, 2021

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