Blog / Simplifying Municipal Elections with IT electronic voting More complications make municipal elections a great fit for new technologies. Advancing technology has transformed almost every aspect of our society, but there is one democratic institution that hasn’t kept up, and that’s the fundamental act of electing leaders and making decisions via accurate and secure elections. There are actually several good reasons electronic and […] June 30, 2022
Blog / Insuring Yourself Against Cyber War The devil is in the details, or in this case, the changing fine print. Recently I wrote about how an insurance company tried to deny a payout by claiming the ransomware was an act of war. That was four months ago, near the start of the still-ongoing Russian/Ukrainian conflict and while I haven’t mentioned it […] June 28, 2022
Blog / Incident Response Plans vs Disaster Recovery Plans Are they really all that different? Having a solid incident response plan and disaster recovery plan are required by multiple regulatory frameworks and legislations (PIPA, PIPEDA and PCI-DSS all require them). These plans form the basis for how organizations deal with the situation when things go rather badly wrong. It’s important to have them in […] June 21, 2022
Blog / What’s the worst cyber attack to get hit by? costa rica hackers Not all digital assaults are coded the same. When it comes to targeting an organization for a cyber attack, hackers sadly have plenty of options. Things like Dedicated Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, viruses, business email compromise, are just a few major selections from a list that goes on and on. However, if I had […] June 14, 2022
Blog / Is Your IT Team at Risk for Burnout? Burnout The Scope of Cyber Issues Keeps Expanding At a recent international cybersecurity conference, Canada’s newly appointed new head of the Centre for Cyber Security described his first months on the job as a “dizzying” experience, referring to a plethora of large scale incidents over a relatively short period of time. For those of you who […] June 09, 2022
Blog / Some facts about wireless communications Wireless Communications Dispelling a few common misconceptions When it comes to computers, the general public often makes the mistaken assumption that computers are far more intelligent than they really are. It’s an easy assumption to fall for; just look at the amazing things they can do and accomplish! With a bit of setup you can press a […] June 07, 2022
Blog / Cyber Insurance Premiums Are On Their Way Up cyber insurance premiums Way, way up. Cyber insurance is a surprisingly recent new addition to the cyber security toolbox. It’s pretty simple; if you suffer a cyber attack, your insurance should help recover at least some of the damages inflicted by it. Despite how new cyber insurance is, it’s become a standard recommendation for businesses to have at […] May 31, 2022
Blog / Refining Remote Work cloud storage As we put COVID behind us, it’s clear the predictions it would change the work world were mostly true and most people are working from home more than ever. Sure, office buildings haven’t become the glittery mausoleums in empty city centers that look like they could have been taken from a post-apocalyptic film set as […] May 26, 2022
Blog / What is a hackers worst nightmare? Attack Failed Answer: businesses that actually update their applications. There’s plenty of advice that gets thrown around for securing your organization; have good passwords, manage your mobile devices, keep an eye on your antimalware logs, etc. How do you tell what is actually good advice? Well, in my opinion, the best advice is what has proven to […] May 24, 2022
Blog / Mandatory Breach Reporting Mandatory Breach Reporting You have to be looking for breaches to report them. PIPA, PIPEDA and HIPAA are all sets of regulations that involve some form of mandatory breach reporting. There are rules surrounding how much time you have to report a breach to the government as well as to those affected by it. Of course, there are […] May 17, 2022

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