Blog / 2022 In Hindsight 2022on microchip Looking back at a few of this year’s hot IT topics. With the holidays now less than a month away and the new year looming not long after that, we figured now—before all the last minute techie gift guides and 2023 trend forecasts hit your newsfeeds—was a good time to take a quick look back […] December 01, 2022
Blog / Why Do You Need a Password Manager? Vault wireframe denoting a password manager Keeping credentials in a password manager makes protecting yourself easier. I’ve talked a lot in this newsletter about passwords from the point of view of an organization. This generally means having appropriate acceptable use and password policies around user behavior and device configuration. You don’t want your staff using personal passwords, simple passwords, and so […] November 29, 2022
Blog / The Scary Side of Cybersecurity Marketing Cybersecurity marketing Selling fear is far too common. As an industry, Cybersecurity is an incredibly young industry that really only became mainstream over the past two decades. Being such a young industry means the tactics that make sales are still being played around with. Unfortunately, a lot of those tactics currently seem to be built on buzz […] November 22, 2022
Blog / Managed vs. Professional IT Services Managed versus Professional IT Services They’re similar, but not identical. If there’s one thing the IT community seems to love, it’s throwing around new jargon and coming up with new acronyms. That’s not at all a bad thing; oftentimes, zippy and easy to remember terms can help speed communication and even give a clue as to what the thing may […] November 17, 2022
Blog / The Evolving Realities of Cyberinsurance cyberinsurance premiums are on the rise The cyberinsurance industry is changing. Cyberinsurance is proving to be a great source for topical cybersecurity newsletters. Recently I wrote about how cyberinsurance now includes physical protection of electronic data as a consideration. Then there was the case of the insurance company that lost a lawsuit for denying a ransomware claim with the excuse that […] November 15, 2022
Blog / The Three Biggest Cybersecurity Threats You Need To Know Different cybersecurity threats displayed onscreen Not all cybersecurity threats are made equal. We live in an age of relative plenty, at least as far as computer technology goes. With each new generation of hardware, software, and smart devices, our ability to leverage technology has never been more powerful. Unfortunately, that’s a double-edged sword, because despite all the useful applications out […] November 08, 2022
Blog / Three Easy Data Maintenance Tips data maintenance concept shown through circuit board and tools on laptop screen Keeping Data Clean Doesn’t Have To Be Hard For the last couple of newsletters we’ve been taking a quasi-detailed look at good data hygiene practices. Now alas, here we are at the end. We started off with a brief overview of the value of good data hygiene and a discussion of the general meaning of […] November 03, 2022
Blog / A Brief Dive Into PIPA’s Take On Passwords Note to remind people to be changing passwords Are you legally required to be regularly changing them? In last week’s newsletter I talked about a PIPA requirement regarding passwords that had serious implications when combined with PCI-DSS. That investigation led to a couple of other useful questions, so I figured it might be a good idea to dig into the details of it. […] November 01, 2022
Blog / Why is Changing Passwords Regularly So Important? Changing Passwords highlighted on keyboard For many, changing passwords isn’t just best practices; it’s the law. Regular readers of this newsletter will know, Alberta’s PIPA legislation has been a featured topic in this newsletter from time to time. I’ve also mentioned PCI-DSS more than once as well. However what I want to point out now is that PIPA and PCI-DSS […] October 25, 2022
Blog / 4 Steps to Cleaner Data Data Cleansing Concept of a wiper going across 1s and 0s Data cleansing is an important part of good data hygiene. Because it can inform so many important business and strategic decisions, it’s essential for businesses and other organizations to maintain complete and valid data sets for whatever information you routinely collect and analyze. A single piece of data will often inform multiple decisions, such as […] October 20, 2022

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