Blog / Look at all this STUFF! – We’re becoming a society of digital hoarders I mentioned in a previous article that I’m on a bit of a cleanup mission at home. I’m working through piles of old computer equipment that’s either destined for local buy-and-sell websites or the recycle bin. I’ve also been looking at my library of old books and magazines and it’s not a pretty sight. I […] February 18, 2021
Blog / It’s only a simple laptop. What’s the big deal? Lifting the hood on what it takes to implement a computer—properly Like many of you, I’m bored sitting at home and I’m starting to go a bit crazy. To alleviate that boredom, I’ve started to clean out some of my old computer equipment, refurbishing and selling the usable gear on Kijiji and Facebook. As you can imagine, I […] February 11, 2021
Blog / Much More GOOD, FAST, CHEAP: Pick 2 – Pandemic and Poor Economy Put Pressure on IT Spending (Part 3) In the last two articles, we introduced the topic of Good, Cheap, Fast: Pick Two, a time honoured business guideline describing the tension between quality, price, and delivery. We mentioned that under current pandemic and economic conditions, many managers are feeling the pressure to reduce IT expenses. We explored the idea of what makes for Good IT, and what makes for Fast IT. We learned they both impact […] February 04, 2021

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