Blog / Network Audits: Necessities or Niceties? Confused Business Man Needs Regular Network Audits to Improve Accuracy Accurate Network Audits Improve More Than Just Cybersecurity. Network security depends heavily on the devices inside it, which quickly leads to an important question; do you actually know what’s in yours? Most of us are likely to have a general idea if only because we use it everyday or we like to track purchases. But […] May 21, 2024
Blog / Two Perspectives On Two PCI-DSS Rules PCI-DSS Rules represented by a custom keyboard button New PCI-DSS Rules Are On Their Way. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) is a set of rules developed by the banking industry that lays out the dos and don’ts for organizations that accept debit, credit, and other plastic cards as a form of payment. These rules classify organizations according to the number […] May 14, 2024
Blog / Beware the Fine Print When Making Cyber Insurance Claims Image showing concept of how cyber insurance claims are denied. Don’t Let Insurers Deny Your Cyber Insurance Claims The process for making cyber insurance claims is almost identical to making auto insurance claims, and as anyone who’s been on the receiving end of a denied auto-claim can attest, the devil is deep in the details; you can only take your car to the dealership for […] May 07, 2024
Blog / The Stormy Side of Cloud Services Storm Clouds Representing Cloud Services Causing Problems Some Cloud Services Could Lead to Turbulence For Your Organization Cloud services have become incredibly prolific over the last few years. Different clouds have appeared in various forms over the decades, but recently they’ve become substantially more popular and can be found in organizations of every size. It’s reached the point that some organizations and […] April 30, 2024
Blog / How To Engage With Support Desks Help or Support Desk headset on computer Advice For Getting Good Support I’ve worked various positions in IT over the years. Like many, I started in technical support, but that was years ago. Many things that have changed over time. Back in those days getting remote access to a machine to see what’s going on was a big deal. Other things have […] April 23, 2024
Blog / The End of Windows 10 Windows 11 upgrade prompt on desktop screen Are you ready for Windows 11? On October 14, 2025, Windows 10 will reach its End-of-Life (EoL). To be fair, that doesn’t sound troubling since it’s well over a year away still. But perhaps a better way to phrase the statement, at least when it comes to your computer fleet’s OS, would be to say […] April 16, 2024
Blog / Disaster Recovery Plans and Infrastructure Disaster Recovery Plans ready to be activated by a big red button! Properly Prioritizing Items In Your Disaster Recovery Plans. Hopefully it comes as no surprise to anyone that, regardless of your organization type—whether it’s a private business, a non-profit, a municipality, etc.—it must abide by some kind of regulations or legislation. The exact rule sets vary, but regardless of whether they’re addressing payment card data standards […] April 09, 2024
Blog / Setting Up Secure Water Treatment Plants Water Treatment Plants in a rural field The Dangers of Unsecured Water Treatment Plants Water treatment plants are everywhere. That’s because there are serious challenges involved in transporting water. For one, it flows downhill easily, but sending it uphill is a different story and requires pipes, pumps, and the energy to run them. Pipelines are expensive and impractical, and there are plenty […] April 02, 2024
Blog / Using User Permissions Properly Administrator level user permissions login and password screen Who gets which user permissions can be a thorny issue. When it comes to cybersecurity, giving employees the appropriate user permissions is essential. While the specific technical issues can be complicated, the overall idea of user permissions is pretty simple; different types of users are given different degrees of access to different systems according to […] March 26, 2024
Blog / Clear Communication Is Crucial When Things Go Wrong Incident Response Policies Notification Incident Response Policies and why your business needs one. Before getting into the details, let me be clear; one of the most important reasons why your organization needs an Incident Response Policy, or IRP, is for compliance. But I’ve written a lot about the importance of compliance with regulations like Alberta’s privacy legislation PIPA or […] March 19, 2024

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