Blog / What’s in Your Service Level Agreements? Service Level Agreements concept rendered as button with three settings Here are three key points service level agreements should cover. Service level agreements, also known as SLAs, are the legal backbone of most software applications (primarily enterprise-level) and IT companies. They spell out the specific terms of a service being provided. However, no two SLAs are the same, and will likely vary considerably depending on […] November 24, 2022
Blog / Five IT Myths You Might Be Falling For IT Myths Let’s put the record straight about a few IT myths floating around. Technology can be incredibly complicated, and will only get increasingly so as it advances. As a result, the whys and hows of information technology often get translated into analogies and similes that get the jist of things right but miss key details. Then, […] November 10, 2022
Blog / The Value of a Good IT Education Learn in blue keyboard letters denoting a good IT education is ongoing Making sure you and your staff know what you’re doing is key to leveraging your technology properly. Technology advances swiftly, and will only advance faster as it progresses. That makes it vitally important for business personnel to keep their technology skills up to date. One of the reasons many digital transformations fail to deliver their […] October 27, 2022
Blog / 3 More Ways To Be Proactive About IT Maintenance Proactive IT Management Use feedback and data to plan ahead properly. While the breakneck pace of technology advancement is a primary reason why it’s important for SMBs to be proactive in your IT maintenance (especially if you don’t have a MSP staying on top of these things for you), it also brings with it ever more advanced and […] October 13, 2022
Blog / Three Easy Steps Towards Proactive IT Maintenance image of toy men on computer board demonstrating proactive IT maintenance Proactive IT maintenance is essential not just for SMBs, but everyone. Considering the breakneck pace of technology (which is only going to accelerate even more as technology advances), it’s important to keep your systems up-to-date and maybe even ready for future upgrades. That means using proactive IT maintenance practices to keep your IT as productive, […] September 29, 2022
Blog / 5 Funky Tech Gadgets for Your SMB Tech gadget collage At TRINUS, we understand that business is serious business, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a little fun now and then. With the sometimes seemingly endless warnings about ransomware, phishing attacks, and the need to streamline business operations, IT can feel a little stuffy at times. So we thought we’d take some time off […] September 15, 2022
Blog / Three Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing Business artificial intelligence represented by polygonal brain Here’s how being an early adopter of AI may help your business While most estimates put widespread deployment of truly aware artificial intelligence as still several years (if not decades) away, the effects of research and development in this area are already being felt. In fact, the Harvard Business Review recently released an in-depth article […] August 29, 2022
Blog / Virtual Meetings Revisited Virtual Meeting Concept A few tips for making the most out of your video conferences Despite the endless memes about how every one of them could be an email, the office meeting remains an essential means of communicating important information across your organization. But in the wake of the pandemic and general expansion of work-from-home programs, virtual meetings […] August 15, 2022
Blog / Dark Web Scans Dark Web Scans What they are and why you want one. If you’re at all connected to the IT and cybersecurity world, you’ve almost certainly heard of the dark web scans and the dark web in general already. For those of you who aren’t hooked into IT though, the dark web is essentially what it sounds like; a […] August 01, 2022
Blog / A Remarkable Computer for a Remarkable Recipient Making James’s Wish Come True. TRINUS recently helped Make-A-Wish Canada bring a wish to life for another young recipient. Using technology and computers to make wishes come true is always a worthwhile experience for us, and it was no exception this time. James, like so many others his age, had a straightforward wish; he just […] July 22, 2022

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