Blog / Blockchain Business Use Case Blockchain business use cases By now, pretty much everyone has heard about cryptocurrencies and blockchains. They’ve become both famous and infamous by the same degree, with some people lauding them as the next great technological breakthrough, and others condemning them as needless or even dangerous. As is usual with such things, the truth is somewhere in a very muddy […] January 20, 2022
Blog / Six IT Trends to Watch in 2022 IT trends 2022 Now that 2021 has wrapped and we’re all done reflecting on the past year, it’s time to start looking ahead again! After all, with the rapid progress of computer technology, IT is a rapidly evolving field, so it’s important to keep on top of things lest you be left behind. We’re not saying every or […] January 10, 2022
Blog / What are content delivery networks and why do you need one? Content Delivery Networks When it comes to the internet, pretty much everything is about speed, speed, and more speed. There’s no arguing that security is (and should be) a primary concern, but realistically, end users prioritize speed over safety most of the time. That’s one reason why website loading times are important to Google’s ranking algorithm and 5G […] December 13, 2021
Blog / The Basics of Cloud to Cloud Backups Cloud to Cloud backups You don’t need to be a qualified IT professional to understand that backing up your data is absolutely essential for modern organizations. It’s a bit of wisdom so well known it’s practically common knowledge. However, just because the concept is understood and the practice widespread doesn’t mean there isn’t hidden complexity. In rapidly evolving industries […] November 29, 2021
Blog / Enforcing Your Acceptable Use Policy Effectively Acceptable Use Policy button As we’ve written about previously, having an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for your employees isn’t really an option in the business world these days. With so much work being done either on computers, online, or both, it’s imperative that you clearly define what employee behavior on company machines is acceptable and what is not. The […] November 18, 2021
Blog / 4 Tricks for Faster Computers from your IT Experts Slow computer being timed by IT Experts using a stopwatch One of the most common technical issues users run into is the problem of slow-running computers. Regardless of whether you’re a business chasing better hardware investment returns or a casual user trying to get the most out of an outdated machine, there are several low-tech solution solutions you can try out yourself before calling in […] November 01, 2021
Blog / Five signs it’s time for a new, fully managed IT provider Business woman examining the results of her fully managed IT services When it comes to the modern world, it’s imperative that organizations have a strong IT foundation. Regardless of whether you’re part of a health clinic, a municipality, a non-profit, or a straight up SMB, it’s virtually impossible to function without some kind of reliable information technology. Each sector is unique in its IT requirements, and […] October 18, 2021
Blog / IT support desks vs help desks: What’s the Difference? IT Support Desks represented by pink keyboard keys spelling help No one needs to be reminded that computers are central to our lives these days, but they’re such complex devices that most users don’t fully understand how they work. Nor do they need to. Computers need to be reliable without everyone understanding their minutia for our modern world to run. That’s the entire point of […] October 04, 2021
Blog / Clarifying Change Management For Businesses (Pt. 1) Two arrows pointed opposite ways, demonstrating the concept of change management. As many have noted over the years, change is inevitable. That doesn’t mean it’s good or bad, just that there’s not a lot we can do to stop it. So rather than resisting change, many businesses embrace it. Oftentimes change can bring about more efficient processes, improved customer service, higher satisfaction, and ultimately better overall […] September 23, 2021
Blog / An introduction to IT infrastructure and its components IT infrastructure components as jigsaw puzzle pieces Information technology, like anything else, requires the appropriate foundation on which to run. Just like cars need roads and cities need sewers, IT needs physical components in order to operate effectively. Unlike car and cities, though, information technology also requires a fair number of intangible components as well. As regular readers of our newsletter may […] September 20, 2021

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