Blog / The Nitty Gritty of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) SLAs conceptualized as a blue button on a keyboard We take a peek at some of the lesser known details of SLAs. Service level agreements (also known as SLAs) aren’t a particularly new concept, though in case you’re unaware, they layout the services, costs, and time frames for rectifying problems, among other things. They’re used to help ensure both sides understand exactly what to […] March 23, 2023
Blog / Three Main Benefits of Cloud Backups for Businesses Cloud backups concept in gray and white Plus a bonus cybersecurity perk of cloud backups! The existence of the Cloud is a relatively new development compared with the need to backup data. Prior to the widespread adoption of the internet, data backups were generally kept in case of physical failure and corruption on devices, and were kept on premises using physical storage […] March 09, 2023
Blog / Is the Metaverse Really DOA? Man yelling at the metaverse in a headset While Meta’s failures have been public, the metaverse itself is virtually inevitable. Although Facebook made a public relations splash a few years ago with their high profile rebranding to Meta, interest in the metaverse since then has slipped substantially, leading some to speculate the that metaverse was dead on arrival. According to these naysayers, we […] February 23, 2023
Blog / Barriers to Municipal Digital Transformations overcoming municipal digital transformations challenges represented by an arrow breaking through a maze Why digital transformations are so valuable for municipal governments. As technology evolves it becomes increasingly important for local governance to keep up, and oftentimes means engaging in municipal digital transformations to expand access to services, improve citizen engagement, and streamline services while spurring economic growth. Unfortunately, all too often attempts to modernize government come with […] February 09, 2023
Blog / What is a CIO? CIO acronym using letter blocks Understanding the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO). When it comes to c-suite executives and their titles, it’s easy to get a little confused amid all the acronyms. CEO, CTO, CFO, CIO, CXO, and on and on. After all, how many chiefs does any given company need? And what are they all in charge of? […] January 26, 2023
Blog / Our Favourites From CES 2023 Blurred tradeshow standing in for CES 2023 After a few quiet years, CES 2023 has demonstrated the famous tech show still has legs. In case you’ve never heard of it, the Consumer Electronics Show is one of the biggest technology tradeshows and tech events in the world. Every year tech companies and manufacturers flock to its floors to show off the latest […] January 12, 2023
Blog / Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Futuristic Christmas Tree And a wonderful new year too! With the holidays right around the corner we just wanted to take this chance to thank everyone at TRINUS—our staff, employees, and of course our clients—for helping to make 2022 another great year. It was full of ups and downs as they all are, but we all came through […] December 22, 2022
Blog / The Value of Task Automation task automation concept Using task automation correctly can save time and money. Automating routine tasks is one of the most valuable ways organizations of all kinds can leverage technology to streamline their workflows. However, it’s a surprisingly big topic and easy to get lost in the weeds. There’s plenty of different ways you can accomplish it, and how […] December 08, 2022
Blog / What’s in Your Service Level Agreements? Service Level Agreements concept rendered as button with three settings Here are three key points service level agreements should cover. Service level agreements, also known as SLAs, are the legal backbone of most software applications (primarily enterprise-level) and IT companies. They spell out the specific terms of a service being provided. However, no two SLAs are the same, and will likely vary considerably depending on […] November 24, 2022
Blog / Five IT Myths You Might Be Falling For IT Myths Let’s put the record straight about a few IT myths floating around. Technology can be incredibly complicated, and will only get increasingly so as it advances. As a result, the whys and hows of information technology often get translated into analogies and similes that get the jist of things right but miss key details. Then, […] November 10, 2022

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