Blog / The Future of IT Machine Learning Trying to predict the next ten years While the coronavirus may have thrown a (substantial) wrench into both our individual lives and society at large, it also served to accelerate our already increasingly rapid adoption of new technologies. Not only did the pandemic squeeze 10 years of e-commerce growth into a mere three months back […] June 13, 2022
Blog / Earning Stakeholder Buy-In for Industrial Digital Transformations Stakeholder buy in concept The good fight is an uphill battle. The energy industry is critical to our current way of life, and will continue to be for a long while. However, as energy prices soar amid production disruptions and the ongoing war in Europe, producers are more incentivized than ever to find additional efficiencies to help lower costs […] May 30, 2022
Blog / Meta’s Data Privacy Problems: A Cautionary Tale Data privacy Even Facebook doesn’t know where user data goes. A recently leaked internal report from Facebook, Meta’s flagship service, shows the social media giant’s own data engineers can’t say with any real certainty where their users’ data is stored. If you’ll stand for a bit of editorializing, it’s ironic that the company known for data privacy […] May 16, 2022
Blog / The Basics of Industrial Digitalization Industrial digitalization concept There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to industrial digitalization. For example, the World Economic Forum estimates that digital transformation in the Oil and Gas sector could create up to $640 billion USD worth of benefits by 2025, including $10 billion worth of improvements to productivity, $30 billion worth of water savings, […] May 02, 2022
Blog / Basic Cyber Security Tips basic cyber security It’s funny how long weekends are meant to be relaxing and give us a chance to recharge, and yet it seems no matter how much fun R&R we get, the first day back can seem extra-hard. Maybe you got used to sleeping in, or maybe you had family over for an egg-hunt and it was […] April 19, 2022
Blog / Industrial Virtualization Pros and Cons Industrial Virtualization Concept Image We’ve been touting the benefits of virtualization a lot lately, first for businesses in general and then how it helps healthcare clinics specifically, but there’s another sector of the economy whose players can benefit from the technology, and that’s the industrialists. Although adoption of industrial virtualization has lagged other sectors by several years, it has […] April 18, 2022
Blog / Four Key Benefits of Virtualization Benefits of Virtualization Visualization Information technology covers a fairly broad variety of topics, but in general there are two major themes: hardware and software. Hardware of course refers to computers, servers, modems, and other physical items (like IoT devices), whereas software refers to the various operating systems and applications running on those machines. However, the difference doesn’t always have […] April 04, 2022
Blog / An Awesome Computer for an Awesome Kid TRINUS recently helped Make-A-Wish Canada bring a wish to life for another young recipient. Using technology and computers to make wishes come true is always a worthwhile experience for us, and this time was no exception. Owen’s wish was straightforward and simple; he wanted a state-of-the-art gaming computer so he could game-on online.Owen is a […] March 25, 2022
Blog / Don’t Become Vlad’s Next Victim Russian Canadian Flags As Russia’s deranged despot Vladimir Putin continues his bafflingly pointless war against Ukraine, many western countries have rightfully imposed severe economic sanctions against the Russian government and its corrupt cronies. Unfortunately, any fight, even the good one, comes with the risk of a bloody nose and a few bruises. So even though Canada is mostly […] March 21, 2022
Blog / What the War in Ukraine Means for your Cyber Security Ukrainian and Russian Flags painted on concrete Much has been made in the western media about the cyber component of the war in Ukraine. Technology experts are watching the first conflict between two developed nations in the 21st century to see how cyber space has been weaponized both offensively and defensively to support a military engagement. While the media and their associated […] March 10, 2022

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