Blog / The End of Windows 10 Windows 11 upgrade prompt on desktop screen Are you ready for Windows 11? On October 14, 2025, Windows 10 will reach its End-of-Life (EoL). To be fair, that doesn’t sound troubling since it’s well over a year away still. But perhaps a better way to phrase the statement, at least when it comes to your computer fleet’s OS, would be to say […] April 16, 2024
Blog / Are you skipping your network’s annual checkup? Network Failure You network may seem fine, but how can you be sure? Maintaining your health is important. For many of us, the bare minimum in staying healthy includes an annual checkup with your family doctor. If you’re anything like me this typically includes stomaching some bloodwork, a step on the scale, and a look in the […] February 08, 2024
Blog / How To Save On Tech Support Miniature men fixing and providing tech support for a motherboard Time is money when it comes to tech support. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that computers are complicated, but it may shock you how much of an understatement that really is. Thanks to decades of advancements these once ominous mystery boxes are now both ubiquitous and user-friendly. Unfortunately, that relative ease of […] January 30, 2024
Blog / Scoping Projects Scoping Projects on sticky note attached to keyboard Including IT When Scoping Projects Saves Time, Money, and Headaches. It goes without saying that different departments in an organization have different needs. For example, your Accounting department can’t finish payroll and reconcile payments without the right software, typically an application that most other departments have no need for. So it seems logical that the […] January 23, 2024
Blog / Is Your Organization Ready for Windows 11? Windows 11 upgrade prompt on desktop screen Hopefully so, because support for Windows 10 is ending. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that everyone was running Windows 7, and Windows 11 was a new, untested OS still working through it’s bugs. Of course, perspectives are subjective so whether you see an operating system (OS) as old or new will depend mostly on […] December 12, 2023
Blog / Three Considerations for Improving Cybersecurity Three considerations for improving cybersecurity Ask yourself these three questions when improving cybersecurity. Improving cybersecurity can be a tricky task. The uninitiated might assume that the only thing to be concerned with is indeed computer security, but there are plenty of other moving pieces involved and the reality is that the situation is much more complicated. However, given the dramatic […] November 07, 2023
Blog / Filtering websites is important for any organization. Filtering websites leading to a blocked screen How filtering websites works and what are the limitations? It’s almost common knowledge these days that filtering websites is an important task for pretty much every business. But why? It’s not just to keep employees productive or off Facebook. It’s actually about liability, and not just the kind that crops up when one employee catches […] September 26, 2023
Blog / A Refresher On Canada’s Antispam Legislation (CASL) CASL concept Understanding CASL rules can save you plenty of headaches. As regular readers know by now, compliance is a huge part of the cybersecurity domain or job scope. Yes, there’s plenty of patching and updating firewalls for ransom/malware protection, but pretty much every business today offers some kind of online payment program or collects private information, […] August 01, 2023
Blog / Is your new hardware compatible with your environment? Planning ahead will help you avoid significant issues. The first part of any change project is planning what needs to be done, including the materials needed, additional fees or licenses that need to be paid, and any modifications to your existing setup to make it all work. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting in a […] July 11, 2023
Blog / Some New Cyberinsurance Requirements Changing cybersinsurance requirements New cyberinsurance requirements mean getting coverage could be getting harder. As TRINUS’s head of cybersecurity, I’m regularly helping clients fill out cybersinsurance applications, so I get to see all sorts of forms from plenty of different insurance companies. I also make it a point to stay informed about all the latest cybersecurity and insurance information. […] May 23, 2023

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