Blog / The Importance Of Your Ransomware Response ransomware response Getting it wrong could mean costly penalties. Ransomware is a topic that I’ve covered in the recent past, so much so that you’ve read or at least seen a few of them like this one, or this one, or maybe even this one (just to point out a few). It comes up so often it […] March 21, 2023
Blog / Three Main Benefits of Cloud Backups for Businesses Cloud backups concept in gray and white Plus a bonus cybersecurity perk of cloud backups! The existence of the Cloud is a relatively new development compared with the need to backup data. Prior to the widespread adoption of the internet, data backups were generally kept in case of physical failure and corruption on devices, and were kept on premises using physical storage […] March 09, 2023
Blog / How to get the most out of your technology budget Technology budget represented by a piggy back on a computer keyboard Here are three ways to ensure your technology budget covers all your bases. Technology is great, but it can be remarkably expensive, and, in business at least, it’s meant to help improve your bottom line and not blow your budget. Unfortunately too many organizations—businesses, municipalities, clinics, and non-profits alike—don’t fully understand the scope of their […] March 02, 2023
Blog / What common cyberattacks do companies routinely ignore? a man in a mask using a prop to demonstrate common cyberattacks like phishing Phishing attacks are common cyberattacks and not to be underestimated. Email has been around for a long, long time. Its origins date back over 60 years to the 1960s. Email, in the form we are familiar with today was developed in 1980. Younger readers of this newsletters may not remember a time when email was […] February 28, 2023
Blog / How will your organization react to a cybersecurity incident? Incident Response Plan in green highlighted on a keyboard Unfortunately, tossing blame around is all too common. An important part of good cybersecurity is preparedness. That means thinking ahead and having business continuity and disaster recovery plans for when things go wrong. When a situation is critical it’s easy to lose track and miss important details, so having robust plans will relieve some of […] February 21, 2023
Blog / The Intersection Between Technology and Ethics Technology and Ethics Here are three ways technology and ethics are competing today. Hopefully unsurprisingly, we’re pretty big fans of advancing technology here at TRINUS. The myriad different ways it makes our lives easier and more productive are undeniable. Unfortunately, what’s also undeniable is that as it improves, it’s potential for misuse grows as well. But we’re not […] February 16, 2023
Blog / Do you have to keep changing cybersecurity best practices? It’s really annoying! When it comes to all things computers there’s one rule to keep in mind: Things change quickly. What things? All of them. Could I possibly be more specific?  Not really, because everything keeps changing. It may sound like I’m being silly, but remember Windows 7? It wasn’t too long ago that many […] February 14, 2023
Blog / Do you have a policy to deal with lost or stolen equipment? It’s a good idea to have one. There’s a pretty well-known phrase out there known as Murphy’s Law, and it claims (with often unfortunate accuracy) that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. It’s a fairly famous colloquialism, but did you know there’s an even grimmer, less well-known colloquial “law,” known as O’Reilly’s Law, […] February 07, 2023
Blog / It’s Time to Upgrade to Windows 11 Windows 11 logo on a computer and cell phone screen Most versions of Windows 10 are already past their End of Life. Organizations often make the mistaken assumption software is forever. They use it because they always have and it’s always worked. That is, until there is a problem and when they look into it, lo and behold, the last time it was updated was […] January 24, 2023
Blog / Why Do You Need a Password Manager? Vault wireframe denoting a password manager Keeping credentials in a password manager makes protecting yourself easier. I’ve talked a lot in this newsletter about passwords from the point of view of an organization. This generally means having appropriate acceptable use and password policies around user behavior and device configuration. You don’t want your staff using personal passwords, simple passwords, and so […] November 29, 2022

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