Blog / The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Cyber Loafing Cyber loafing Acceptable Use Policies, or AUPs, typically try to address two specific elements of employee behaviour: dangerous practices and productivity. The security risks of employees browsing dangerous and unacceptable sites on company computers are clear. However, when it comes to the productivity side of things, things aren’t nearly as clear cut. There’s sometimes conflicting information from […] December 02, 2021
Blog / Enforcing Your Acceptable Use Policy Effectively Acceptable Use Policy button As we’ve written about previously, having an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for your employees isn’t really an option in the business world these days. With so much work being done either on computers, online, or both, it’s imperative that you clearly define what employee behavior on company machines is acceptable and what is not. The […] November 18, 2021
Blog / 5 Key Considerations for Selecting a Managed Service Provider Businessman deciding on a new managed service provider There are plenty of benefits to partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for your IT needs. Outsourcing all or most of your IT can dramatically reduce your internal IT costs, improve efficiency across your organization, and substantially enhance your online/cyber security positioning. There are plenty of other benefits too. In every case though, you […] November 15, 2021
Blog / Have you heard of the Principle of Least Privilege? Fingerprint refused access to files representing the Principle of Least Privilege There’s lots of advice to be given about how to set up your computer security. The toolbox is massive, with plenty of different models to choose from. A security model or framework, like the Principle of Least Privilege, is just an outline that doesn’t contain specific items (like “enable this exact settings” and such). Instead, […] November 02, 2021
Blog / 4 Tricks for Faster Computers from your IT Experts Slow computer being timed by IT Experts using a stopwatch One of the most common technical issues users run into is the problem of slow-running computers. Regardless of whether you’re a business chasing better hardware investment returns or a casual user trying to get the most out of an outdated machine, there are several low-tech solution solutions you can try out yourself before calling in […] November 01, 2021
Blog / A Cyber Insurance Primer for SMBs Cyber Insurance button No matter the size of your business, you’re never too big to take a hit. Between major breaches like the Kaseya incident earlier this year, and the thousands of minor breaches and ransoms SMBs suffer through that never make the headlines, it’s not hard to recognize that the valuable data assets which inform your strategic […] October 21, 2021
Blog / Don’t Take the Windows 11 Upgrade (Yet) Windows 11 logo on a computer and cell phone screen As you likely already know, Microsoft recently released the latest version of their famous operating system, Windows 11, on October 5th. Microsoft’s own blog breaks down the features and details about their plans for a tiered rollout over the remainder of 2021 and 2022. And as you also likely already know, we at TRINUS are […] October 14, 2021
Blog / Organizational Change Management vs Technological (Pt. 2) Organization Change Management Concept As we all know, change is one of those few truly inevitable aspects of our lives. Regardless of whether you embrace the steady streams of new features in app updates or resent them for changing your app up just as you got used to it, the fact is change waits for no one. Nowhere is […] October 07, 2021
Blog / Why You Should Rid Yourself of Bloatware Bloatware icons Bloatware is an unfortunate fact of life these days. For those of you who don’t know, bloatware refers to all those annoying pre-installed applications on your devices. Once the exclusive scourge of mobile devices (particularly Androids), bloatware has made the move to PCs and laptops. It’s usually the result of distribution agreements with developers trying […] August 09, 2021
Blog / Data Redundancy and Database Management Duplicated data isn’t always a bad thing, but let’s get definitions down first. Information technology is an incredibly fast-paced industry. Computers get faster, new software and hardware peripherals expand their utility, and it seems like there’s always a new update for one thing or another. Don’t get us wrong; we like being part of a […] June 03, 2021

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