Blog / Why You Should Rid Yourself of Bloatware Bloatware icons Bloatware is an unfortunate fact of life these days. For those of you who don’t know, bloatware refers to all those annoying pre-installed applications on your devices. Once the exclusive scourge of mobile devices (particularly Androids), bloatware has made the move to PCs and laptops. It’s usually the result of distribution agreements with developers trying […] August 09, 2021
Blog / Data Redundancy and Database Management Duplicated data isn’t always a bad thing, but let’s get definitions down first. Information technology is an incredibly fast-paced industry. Computers get faster, new software and hardware peripherals expand their utility, and it seems like there’s always a new update for one thing or another. Don’t get us wrong; we like being part of a […] June 03, 2021
Blog / Four Tips for Hardware Investment Planning Computer hardware is expensive, with a single device often costing upwards of a thousand dollars. With that kind of price tag it’s no wonder that many organizations are hesitant to invest in new hardware. What many business owners don’t take into consideration is the lost productivity involved with using old machines. In fact, according to […] May 20, 2021
Blog / Building and curating your knowledge base A few weeks ago we looked at some of the benefits of keeping a knowledge base about your company and its products/services. These online repositories can be for internal or external use (or both), and are great for streamlining employee training or providing easy self-serve technical help for clients. But there’s no point in extolling […] May 17, 2021
Blog / Much More GOOD, FAST, CHEAP: Pick 2 – Pandemic and Poor Economy Put Pressure on IT Spending (Part 3) In the last two articles, we introduced the topic of Good, Cheap, Fast: Pick Two, a time honoured business guideline describing the tension between quality, price, and delivery. We mentioned that under current pandemic and economic conditions, many managers are feeling the pressure to reduce IT expenses. We explored the idea of what makes for Good IT, and what makes for Fast IT. We learned they both impact […] February 04, 2021
Blog / Computer Education is Essential… And IT Security Knowledge is Also Fundamental. Something every Security Expert recommends that businesses do is to train all their staff on IT Security. The two points that should jump out in that sentence are ‘every Security Expert’ and ‘all their staff.’ When you look into the root cause for most Information Breaches or Ransomware infections, they happened because someone did something […] January 18, 2021

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