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Interrupted vacation? TRINUS Cloud extends the office beyond your office walls.


Job at risk? TRINUS Cyber-Security keeps your files safe.

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Guilt trip? TRINUS Managed IT simplifies budget woes.

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Back up against the wall? TRINUS has your backup.

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Keepsakes kept safe? TRINUS keeps your family safely together.

Blog / The Friendly Giant - Lenovo Enters the IoT Arena and Increases its' Cyber Security Presence Some of us with more grey hairs and less hair in general will remember the Friendly Giant.  It was a TV program for young Preschoolers.  The adult was dressed in a ridiculous Giant costume and dominated his environment of small puppets; Rusty the Rooster, Jerome the Giraffe, and a few others that escape my memory.  October 19, 2018
Blog / Municipal IT Budget Planning - Part 9: Municipality Managed Services and Break-Fix This article will explore the services that Municipalities will need, in order to keep their IT systems running correctly; both Managed Services and Break-Fix.  The terms can be misleading, so we'll define them for our purposes: October 19, 2018
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