Manage Your IT Like the Pros

Managed IT brings control and clarity to the confusing chaos that is your IT hardware, software, and devices. TRINUS Managed IT Services will ensure you receive the maximum benefits from your IT investment, by providing industry-standard best practices and solid management advice.

IT at its Core

A necessary operational component of an organization which empowers it to supply better service to its clients and staff.
Managed IT is the Planning, Implementation, Maintenance, and Support of an organization’s IT needs.

Benefits of the 4 Pillars of Managed IT


  • Removes uncertainty
  • Provides efficiency, peace of mind, confidence, clarity, certainty, predictable projected costs
  • Reduces errors, downtime, inaccuracies, costs
  • Enhances and improves: employee productivity
  • Increases end-user satisfaction


  • Great implementation brings about efficiency and minimizes disruption.
  • Professionalism and efficient deployment produces: customer satisfaction.
  • Reduces stress and downtime.
  • TRINUS leads by quality; NOT costs.


  • Enhances reliability
  • Improves security
  • Prolongs equipment life
  • Prevents surprises by unexpected outages
  • Maximizes performance and capacity


  • Human interactions through our in-house call-center
  • Increases user productivity and efficiency
  • Boosts confidence and user satisfaction
  • Drives user confidence

TRINUS' Preferred Managed IT Services

TRINUS managed implementation of IT services includes:

  • Audits and assessments of existing IT infrastructure
  • Procuring new commercial-grade hardware and software
  • Configuration, staging, and delivery of hardware
  • Licensing and configuration of software
  • Advanced Email setup, including transfer of existing email to cloud-based services
  • Specific organizational Information Technology requests

TRINUS’ Managed IT services don’t end at implementation though. Using industry standard best practices, we also provide comprehensive support, with standardized packages for general use, and an expert team of professionals that can build a customized managed IT program for your organization, with services including:

  • Canadian-hosted offsite backups
  • Disaster recovery
  • Secure remote access
  • Network support
  • Maintenance and updates
  • Internet and phone
  • Industry-leading cybersecurity

In the past 5 years, no TRINUS client using our managed IT services has lost data or system access due to a cybersecurity breach.

What we guarantee:

Eliminate Budget Headaches

TRINUS Managed IT provides an easy-to-understand approach to IT budget management by combining essential services into a single monthly fixed-cost. Take the next step in Managed IT by rolling hardware and software upgrades into our Managed Solution Provider (MSP) program. MSP eliminates large capital expenditures, while providing the latest in IT Systems. Complete your next IT budget in seconds and be the budget-hero at the next managers’ meeting.

Increase User Satisfaction

TRINUS Managed IT will discover and eliminate deficiencies in your IT systems that cause system crashes and reduced performance. By replacing obsolete equipment, configuring systems to industry standards and monitoring performance, TRINUS Managed IT will increase user satisfaction.

Focus On Business; Not Technology

TRINUS Managed IT will assess your business workflow requirements and recommend IT systems that are industry standard and business-appropriate. TRINUS Managed IT systems will allow you to focus on your business efforts, without having to worry about IT industry trends that are difficult to understand.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Find out how TRINUS can help you implement and manage technology and security in your business.


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TRINUS is proud to partner with industry leaders for both hardware and software who reflect our values of reliability, professionalism and client-focused service.