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TRINUS understands the importance of Cyber Security and Disaster Recovery, which is paramount in the Medical field. Working with Clinics, we provide complete Managed Solutions to ensure data is safe, and rigorous Compliance standards are met.

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A stable IT infrastructure may be the only thing keeping your Clinic from a Malware Attack or large data loss, due to a disaster. TRINUS wants to set your IT systems meet the highest levels of HIA Compliance, to protect your vital Clinic and Patient information.

Changes to Clinic procedures, staff and Technology can impact HIA Compliance, which can trigger a review. These will cause the need for a Review. According to the Alberta Medical Association, some of these changes include:

  • “Data exchanged with new parties”
  • “Changes to or addition of roles”
  • “Access to Netcare”
  • “Adoption of new practices within the Clinic and/or PCN”
  • “New EMR functionality”
  • “Change in provincial Privacy Legislation”

These are some of the primary reasons why it is vital for a Clinic to constantly evaluate their IT infrastructure, to ensure they are compliant with legislation.

When we meet a potential Client, we often pose the question: “If your clinic was subject to a malware attack, a system-wide outage, or a natural disaster, how long can you afford to be without your IT systems?” The answer is inevitably “24 hours or less.”

TRINUS believes in a proactive approach to IT system maintenance and Cyber Security. In addition to system upgrades and effective Cyber Security protection, user education is required to keep staff vigilant in recognizing Cyber Threats. The ongoing cost of effective Cyber Security Countermeasures is small, when compared to the cost of recovering from a Cyber Attack, which often involves completely rebuilding an IT system, paying for lost productivity and staff wages, and irreparable damage to the Clinic’s professional reputation.

Recent reports show an exponential growth in Ransomware Attacks on Medical and Dental clinics. Recently we have worked with some Alberta-based clinics that have been affected by a Ransomware virus. Ransomware can infiltrate clinics in different ways: The most common attack vector is through Phishing emails, which are emails that contain links or attachments infected with Ransomware. Once opened, the virus spreads rapidly to the local computer, and then to other devices and files on the network. It’s not uncommon to see a complete network system infected within a few minutes. Another popular entry-point for Ransomware is remote connections. Many doctors or Clinic Staff access records remotely from home or out-of-office. Many clinics do not employ High-Security Protocols for remote desktop connections, which allows cyber-criminals to gain full system access by cracking a simple, single-factor password. Such was the case last year with a Clinic: Once they gained access through remote desktop, hackers planted Ransomware, which quickly disabled the whole Clinic.

Of paramount importance is protecting patients’ sensitive Health and Personal Information. Once compromised, it’s copied and sold many times over, with no hope of re-establishing its’ confidentiality. Clinics are now required to disclose breaches that affect patients and their confidential information.

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