At TRINUS, we're all about supporting our local community.

TRINUS enjoys permanent involvement with our local community and beyond, by attending, supporting and sponsoring all the major events within the Tri-Municipal Region, as well as many in the Edmonton area: charities, business anniversaries & grand openings, social occasions, chambers & business associations’ luncheons/dinners, award presentations, trade shows, conferences, community fundraisers, Canada Day celebrations, etc., etc., etc. We are constantly promoting all these happenings through our very active and engaging Social Media.

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We all know our online activity is monitored, but do you really know the extent of it, and when is it too much, and how can you protect your privacy? #cybersecurity #privacy #trinus #infotech

Collecting and managing data is an important part of your business intelligence strategy. Here are 5 essential practices for data management:

A little over 500 million records were scraped from Facebook in a recent data breach.

No doubt you’ve heard of the concept of business intelligence by now. It’s an old idea that has gained new recognition in recent history thanks to our modern interconnectedness and computing power.
#BusinessIntelligence #Operations #Data

Is 'The Cloud' really as amazing as it is touted?
#CloudIT #TheCloud

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TRINUS is proud to partner with Industry Leaders for both hardware and software who reflect our values of reliability, professionalism and Client-focused service.