At TRINUS, we're all about supporting our local community.

TRINUS enjoys permanent involvement with our local community and beyond, by attending, supporting and sponsoring all the major events within the Tri-Municipal Region, as well as many in the Edmonton area: charities, business anniversaries & grand openings, social occasions, chambers & business associations’ luncheons/dinners, award presentations, trade shows, conferences, community fundraisers, Canada Day celebrations, etc., etc., etc. We are constantly promoting all these happenings through our very active and engaging Social Media.

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The tool was removed today, as part of several sweeping changes Zoom made in response to snowballing Security & Privacy concerns. Zoom will now freeze its features' development, to instead focus on Security & Privacy issues. #ZoomDataMiningLinkedInFeature

These past weeks of remote working-from-home have forever changed how people use Technology. IT departments could be caught in the tide, and can either use it to carry our capabilities to new heights, or swim against it until exhausted. #COVID19ChangingIT

For every financially-motivated Malware strain that Security researchers discover, there's also one that was created as a joke; just for the giggles. Something similar occurred during 2017's WannaCry Ransomware outbreak - remember? #COVID19MalwareWipesPCs

This is not the only issue that has been uncovered in Zoom video conferencing software over the last couple of days, raising Privacy and Security concerns among its millions of users. #Privacy #ZoomVideoConferencingConcerns #ZoomHackersCompromiseWindows

The Vendor Report includes quite a lengthy list of Security measures, which CISOs need to adopt. Many of them boil down to very basic cyber hygiene policies. #CyberAttackers #CyberScum #CyberScammers #CyberSecurityProtection #PrivacyProtection #CyberSafe

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TRINUS is proud to partner with Industry Leaders for both hardware and software who reflect our values of reliability, professionalism and Client-focused service.