At TRINUS, we're all about supporting our local community.

TRINUS enjoys permanent involvement with our local community and beyond, by attending, supporting and sponsoring all the major events within the Tri-Municipal Region, as well as many in the Edmonton area: charities, business anniversaries & grand openings, social occasions, chambers & business associations’ luncheons/dinners, award presentations, trade shows, conferences, community fundraisers, Canada Day celebrations, etc., etc., etc. We are constantly promoting all these happenings through our very active and engaging Social Media.

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Hubristic utopias are perhaps better left on paper than built in the real world, yet we can also recognize that there are more ambitious ideas for improving things today than there have ever been before in all of human history...[BBC%20News%20Newsletter]-2021January14-[future]

In 2020, phishing sites jumped to 2.11 million, constituting a 25% growth over 2019, when the tech giant discovered 1.69 million malicious domains. #TRINUS #stressfreeIT #LostinCyberSpace #TRINUSisAllHandsOnTech #Phishing

Industry Gurus are forecasting that combo events may be the way forward, when back to normal: some in-person activities, some virtual sessions, and more attention to professional virtual presentations to engage audiences’ attention. #TRINUS #stressfreeIT

One of the best ways for users to avoid falling victim to mobile malware is to install Security updates, something that prevents cyber crooks from exploiting known vulnerabilities to help deliver malware... #TRINUSstressfreeIT #LostinCyberSpace #CyberScum

As one of the most used usernames on logins is an email address, all that hackers need is a list of them and one of often used passwords, and they’re ready to log into anywhere. That’s how they hack without using exploits or cracks... #TRINUSstressfreeIT

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TRINUS is proud to partner with Industry Leaders for both hardware and software who reflect our values of reliability, professionalism and Client-focused service.