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With more than 40 active Municipal Clients from all regions of Alberta, TRINUS provides leadership in business-focused Technology Solutions. We help Municipal Clients provide valuable information to rate payers that is timely, relevant and cost-effective. As we fully grasp the critical need for professional Data Security, we provide proactive Managed IT, by coordinating effective Service, Support and Consultation for Clients across Alberta and BC.

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TRINUS can assist with realistic and business-case budget planning; often reducing the IT budget to a few lines that eliminate capital expenditures.

TRINUS employs dedicated Cyber-Security staff to help mitigate the risk of data compromised in a Cyber-Attack. TRINUS will help protect you against ransomware, data breaches, and policy gaps with relevant Cyber-Security assessments and best-practice recommendations.

TRINUS provides proactive and forward-thinking management of IT resources to maximize their value; asset management, life-cycle planning, and proactive maintenance can be key to gaining control of your IT investment.

TRINUS has image-based backup and disaster recovery systems hosted in our private Cloud that can reduce the impact of system and facility loss. Systems can be restored to operational status in minutes or hours, through remote access of applications and data mirrored on our secure servers.

Municipalities are regularly compromised by malware. Despite the newest hardware, software and Cyber Security protocols, the possibility of an attack is ever-present. We focus on three key steps to mitigate Cyber Threats in a municipality:

  • Manage the network: Control and monitor what travels in and out.
  • Implement a Disaster Recovery plan: Keep backup copies of data offsite, so that they can be ready to deploy in case of an emergency.
  • Supply the municipality with business-class hardware: Municipalities need to be equipped with enterprise-quality gear, as consumer-grade equipment lacks the manufacturer’s best Cyber Security hardware and software protection, as well as being easily compromised. The cost of an attack will always outweigh the cost of a properly-prepared and configured network.

Like our Corporate Clients, we customize our services based on the size of your municipality. Of the 45+ municipalities we work with, many are villages and small towns with a staff of five or less. We’re able to tailor our service plans on what is necessary for a community of your size.

TRINUS offers an independent service called a Network Assessment. A Technician will perform an onsite evaluation of the hardware, software and practices of your site. After a thorough inventory, assessment, and analysis, we’ll present a detailed report of our findings, along with our prioritized recommendations to improve the efficiency, stability, and security of your IT system. This report provides an unbiased look at your infrastructure and ways you can improve.

TRINUS works on a Managed Services plan. That means that each device on the municipal network is managed via alert agents, allowing us to see the status of all system devices. Many times, we can detect threats, as they are attempting to infiltrate the network. We can often identify user practices that are potentially harmful and dangerous. In a recent situation, we noted that movies were being illegally downloaded on the municipality’s wi-fi. We were able to report it back to Senior Management, to take corrective action.

For over 20 years, TRINUS has been Alberta’s largest IT provider to municipalities.  Thus, we are familiar with, and work alongside, all major software vendors of specialty municipal software: Townsuite, Munisoft, Muniware, Serenic, Central Square (Diamond), Questica, ESRI, ArcGIS, WaterPlus, SCADA, among many others, are software applications we see regularly on Client networks. We have excellent working relationships with all vendors and understand their specific hardware & software requirements. Moreover, we understand how these systems interact with each other and how to protect your network systems to reduce the threat of a Cyber Attack.  Our goal is to continue to provide stress-free IT, no matter what software applications you use.

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Wanda Duplessie Lac Ste. Anne’s County IT Director

I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have the opportunity to continue working with all of you at TRINUS.  The confidence I have in TRINUS is second to none, and I’m so pleased that we can continue with the great working relationship that I have grown to depend on.

Here's how we did it

Lac Ste. Anne County, located northwest of Edmonton, faced an aging server infrastructure that was not adequate for their growing list of applications and data. Support costs were escalating and the patchwork of 6-year old servers and temporary storage was unreliable. However, the County was also in the middle of a building project to replace their old administration offices; budgets were tight. TRINUS then proposed a Managed Solution Provider (MSP) program, whereby all 16 server environments and related infrastructure ought to be replaced, in a fully-managed solution, for a fixed monthly cost. There was no need to find room for a six-figure expenditure in the capital budget. TRINUS included all management of the County’s 65 workstations and laptops in the 5-year agreement.

Over a 3-month period...

TRINUS staged the new equipment in its Stony Plain facility, performed the onsite installation, remotely migrated the applications and data to the new infrastructure, and retired the old equipment. There was no disruption to the County’s day-to-day operations. More recently, the County moved its operations to the new building – and TRINUS relocated all server infrastructure to the new facility, and helped users setup their computers; all as part of the monthly MSP agreement.

TRINUS now maintain all aspects of the IT System as part of the MSP agreement: backups, upgrades, monitoring, Helpdesk, Cyber-Security assessments, and reporting, are all included in the package.

Laptop - Backup and Disaster Recovery

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TRINUS is proud to partner with industry leaders for both hardware and software who reflect our values of reliability, professionalism and client-focused service.