Redundancy In Times of Trouble

You have a vital dependency on your IT Systems and old-style backups are inadequate to recover fully from a system crash or virus attack. System users demand uninterrupted access, regardless of the trouble and recent natural disasters highlighting the need for robust Disaster Recovery capabilities. TRINUS Offsite Backup & Disaster Recovery Systems provide the assurance that your IT Systems will be available under almost any circumstance.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data and Productivity Protection through off-premise storage.
Recovery of Data and Applications due to off premise / offsite operations’ emergencies.

Benefits of Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • Restoration
  • Disaster-proof
  • Emergency-proof
  • Virtual Network Environment
  • Contingency Operations
  • Peace of Mind
  • All Information stored in Canada on Canadian Servers
  • Fulfills: Legislative Requirements / Regulatory Compliance
  • Minimizes and Alleviates: Downtime / Risk / Ransomware / Hazards / Natural Disasters
  • Protects: Sensitive Information
  • Safeguards: Critical Data
  • Preserves: Flow of Operations running swiftly

What we guarantee:

Reduce Restoration Times

TRINUS Offsite Backup Services stream your system backups to our secure server farm, using innovative imaging software. Imaging means that complete servers will restore to original condition in a fraction of the time of traditional file-restoration methods.

Reduce Backup Costs

TRINUS Offsite Backup Services provide everything you need for a single monthly fee. There are no backup devices, software or media to buy, thus eliminating capital costs. Best of all, our backup systems expand seamlessly with your needs; increased storage capacity is accommodated automatically and without need to repurchase backup media.

Secure & Compliant Recover From Disaster

TRINUS Offsite Disaster Recovery Services allow your backup images to activate on our server farm, even when your primary facility is unavailable, allowing users to work securely with their applications and files from just about any remote location. Once your facility is back online, TRINUS can restore the latest version of your systems and files, so that nothing is lost.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Find out how TRINUS can help you implement and manage technology and security in your business.


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