TRINUS is proud to have many highly-qualified staff members who embody our values of Professionalism, Friendliness, Competency, and Trust-worthiness.

Leadership: Keeps TRINUS on the straight and narrow.

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Sharrell Jespersen Director of Finance

Sharrell is one of our company’s Partner/Directors, as well as the CFO. She has been with TRINUS right from the very beginning (1998.) Outside of work, Sharrell loves spending holiday fun time vacationing with her family, especially her grandchildren! She’s a big coffee and Crime Shows’ lover!

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Linda Jespersen Director of Administration

Linda’s been with TRINUS since 2008. She enjoys any kind of fun atmosphere, jigsaw puzzles, Baseball, and watching Hallmark movies (especially, Christmas chick-flicks!) Linda is a Partner/Director and a Jane-of-all-trades, as she handles a multiplicity of tasks and responsibilities.

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Kevin White Director of Operations & Business Development

Kevin began at TRINUS in 2010 and is a Partner/Director, as well as an Operations Manager and Lead Systems Engineer. He relishes every chance to solve Clients’ problems, by leveraging new Technology and outside of the box ideas. For Kevin, it’s never a dull moment! His biggest passions in life are Family, Drag Racing and all types of Science Fiction, good or bad.

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Dave White Director of Account Management & Marketing

Local Folk Hero, Legend and Celebrity Dave helped found TRINUS in 1998 and is a Partner/Director. He currently directs the activities of the Account Management, Business Consulting, and Marketing Teams. Some of his interesting past projects include the Kananaskis G8 Summit Security in 2001 (which also prompted a visit to the White House and Oval Office), a homicide investigation in Lethbridge, and a 2 week stint at a gold and copper mine in Papua New Guinea supporting their investigation software.

Dave spends his leisure hours rebuilding vintage radio gear, drag racing with his son and business partner Kevin, and watching British Crime dramas with his wife Lena. Dave is trying to transition into retirement, but is having too much fun at TRINUS.

HelpDesk: Expert problem-solving for users by phone, email or online form.

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Kelly Woolsey Manager

With over 20 years’ experience and the profound love of Technology Kelly brings to work every day, Managed IT Services is his life. That being so, Automating Technical tasks, implementing standards, and using tools to make our Clients’ IT lives easier, are second nature to him. When not immersed in all things IT, Kelly enjoys playing and coaching hockey, family time, as well as listening to music with a “heavier” edge to it!

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Eric Patey IT Support Specialist

With almost 20 years in the industry, he’s an integral part of our HelpDesk team. Given his past work experiences with Alberta Education, The Casman Group, The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, etc., Eric is committed to help TRINUS build the best HelpDesk in Alberta!

Eric possesses vast knowledge of Process and Procedure, Operations Management, ITIL Lifecycle, and Messaging Systems. He works with other HelpDesk Techs regarding Queue Management, ticket flow and accountability.

Eric likes to spend time with his daughter, as well as his dog, and plays a mean guitar when the right mood strikes!

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John Kuppers IT Support Specialist

This week we turn our attention to IT Support Specialist John Kuppers, who joined TRINUS in 2019. He absolutely relishes any opportunity which may happen to come his way, to solve all sorts of problems, whether IT or life related. John is also permanently striving to learn much more about different aspects of Technology.

He has a loving family with his wife, two kids and two dogs. John is passionate about sports (mostly watching them on television!), as well as participating in famous international karaoke competitions. He’s also a huge music lover and loves dancing. He possesses a dry, dead-pan sense of humour and is a pretty ambitious fellow.

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Randy Keunen IT Support Specialist

Above everything else, Randy especially enjoys figuring out how all sorts of gizmos, devices, gadgets, appliances, contraptions, utensils, tools, objects, gimmicks, apparatuses, and widgets, work. He loves trying to hack into different things, but of course, prioritizes using such a gifted and skilled super-power for good. He likes to experiment with new technology, such as 3-D Printing and Virtual Reality. His favourite hobby is Rock-Climbing. Randy’s dazzling bottomless food appetite has already reached mythical and legendary proportions.

Network Operations Centre: Ensures client networks are running smoothly, with proactive monitoring and updates.

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Kelly Woolsey Manager

With over 20 years’ experience and the profound love of Technology Kelly brings to work every day, Managed IT Services is his life. That being so, Automating Technical tasks, implementing standards, and using tools to make our Clients’ IT lives easier, are second nature to him. When not immersed in all things IT, Kelly enjoys playing and coaching hockey, family time, as well as listening to music with a “heavier” edge to it!

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Adrian Iovan NOC Support Specialist

Adrian originally hails from Romania; perhaps the region of Transylvania (which might explain his manifest aversion to garlic, mirrors and crucifixes), or some spooky place like that.

With TRINUS since 2011, Adrian thrives in dealing with multiple IT Clients and tackling different problems, as well as learning new things. He used to be a Tank Commander in the Romanian Army. Adrian also worked on a cruise ship, so he’s very well-traveled. He’s quite good at ping-pong (or table tennis, as is commonly referred to in the west.)

Adrian has the uncanny ability to make something funny almost out of nothing. He enjoys friends, Chess, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Science Fiction, Music, News, and Documentaries.

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Junar Roasa NOC Support Specialist

Network Operations Center IT Support Specialist, Junar Roasa, joined TRINUS in September 2016. Originally hailing from the Philippines, he always gets a kick out of accomplishing something for the very first time. Junar loves learning about new stuff and keeping up to date on all things Technology. He also enjoys playing Basketball, as well as coaching Kids’ Basketball, riding his Sport Bike, Camping, spending quality family time, and Fishing.

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Adetola Babatunde NOC Support Specialist

Tola, as we refer to him at TRINUS, works as a Support Specialist, at our Network Operations Centre. He is a native Nigerian who loves to constantly learn about new technologies and thrives by supporting both internal and external Clients with their ICT infrastructures.

He enjoys relaxing with family and friends, as time permits, and has an almost unrestrained love and passion for soccer.

Projects: Deploys new and exciting hardware and technologies to clients.

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Nigel Wheat Manager

Nigel is as passionate about processes as he is about Technology… which is a lot. He feels that there’s always a better way to do things and that the current best method is only temporary. When there’s a problem that needs to be solved, Nigel likes to hear all kinds of viewpoints and see the full picture, before rushing to a decision or conclusion. Outside of work, Nigel is passionate about enjoying life with his family, watching hockey and playing Airsoft.

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Barry Kennedy Project Technician

Barry’s career at TRINUS started back in 2006 as an IT Technician. He loves having a hand at new technologies and soars when he’s in his zone; i.e.: Rebuilding a Client’s network and server, after a Ransomware devastation.

Barry likes to weld, watch “Binge”, Netflix, as well as listen to good old Folk Music (most preferably of Celtic origin, obviously; the greener and Irisher, the better!) He’s also known among TRINUS circles as “Braveheart Bear” and “Lord Barrymore.”

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Griseld Merepeza Project Technician

Mostly known as Gris the Great, Griseld Merepeza joined TRINUS in the summer of 2016. Gris originally hails from Eastern Europe; more precisely, the mysterious and uncharted Albania. Not so long ago, he and his family moved to Canada. His previous tech background (as well as his Soccer abilities) was instrumental in landing him a job at TRINUS, where he excels in his role of Project Technician.

Griseld loves playing Soccer, Basketball and Ping-Pong, as well as watching Whodunits and comedy shows on Netflix. He also enjoys spending outdoor time with his family and playing video games in the company of his eldest son.

Technology fascinates Gris and solving tech problems excites him beyond description. To him, these are comparatively intriguing and thrilling as the riddles and enigmas in shows of such calibre as “Castle”, “Murdoch Mysteries” and “Sherlock Holmes”, which are three of his favourite mystery TV programs.

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David Escorcia Project Technician

Since before finishing High School, David knew he wanted to be the “IT guy.” David enjoys fixing IT-related issues, just as much as if he were playing a video game…

David is our resident Mexican Spaceman and a strategic component for TRINUS in terms of our involvement in the new Space Race. TRINUS is currently helping NASA out with all their IT systems with the view of accelerating their process to land on the Moon all over again, as well as their projected trip to Mars.

He’s a man of unlimited patience when it comes to teaching “non-tech-savvy” people on how to work with Technology, and really enjoys doing so. His hobbies involve playing video games, figuring-out some puzzle or other, and watching Anime with his wife.

David is also one heck of a terrific soccer goalkeeper and contributes a lot of his country’s vibrant culture, character and personality to TRINUS. “Para bailar La Bamba se necesita una poca de gracia…”

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Josiah Sawatzky Service Technician

Jo started with TRINUS Technologies all the way back in 2013, becoming an A+ Certified IT Technician in 2015.

One of Josiah’s favourite hobbies is playing Curling with his Wednesday nights’ team and loves all-things Pop Culture. Jo turned down a very promising and lucrative career as an international Hand Model, as he preferred to stay with TRINUS, rather than travel the world! He’s also known as “Bubbles” to his friends.

Data Centre: Like a Bank Vault, it hosts critical information and backups for our clients.

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Bindu Kumar Manager

Bindu is our resident Grand Maharajah, and joined TRINUS in 2005. Family comes first in his life and he’s permanently awed to know that he’s never without a family, even when at work. Bindu enjoys cooking, Yoga, forever seeking the ultimate coffee spot, Classical Music Christmas concerts, Foreign Language films, and of course… Soccer!

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Katie Slivorski Data Centre Technician

Katie has been with TRINUS since May 2008, shortly after moving from the United States. She specializes in making Security and Monitoring enhancements to Client systems, and strives to serve and protect our Customers, as well as our own team members. Outside of work, she does a fair amount of Photography for family and friends.

As Katie is American, she and her family celebrate both sets of holidays, and it still feels strange to hold Thanksgiving in October! Katie hails from the northwest corner of Wisconsin, about an hour-and-a-half from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, so both states feel like home to her. Lake country!

Katie likes being outdoors, camping and hiking. She has a healthy raspberry patch in her backyard and spends every morning during each year’s mid-summer picking them, just like she used to do at her grandparents’ patch, when she was a child.

Administration, Logistics and Support: Keep the TRINUS wheels turning.

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Kim Croker Administrative Assistant

Kim has been with TRINUS since 2005. She’s part of our Administrative Team and excels at the type of work she does for the company. Kim enjoys fun movie and game nights with friends and family, as well as relaxing while reading a book on her back deck.

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Michael Jettkant Sales Engineer

Mike has been with TRINUS since the fall of 2011. As a Sales Engineer, he cherishes the opportunity of getting to work with Technology, as every day brings new challenges and obstacles to overcome. Mike enjoys going to the movies and watch just about anything Sci-Fi-oriented or Fantasy.

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Karl Buckley Cyber Security Technician

Karl Buckley started out at TRINUS in early 2017. He’s our Cyber Security Technician and the person behind our interesting and inspired weekly Cyber Security Newsletters, which are signed by Karl’s Alter Ego, “Your Friendly Neighbourhood Cyber-Man”, and much enjoyed by our Clients.

In his spare time, Karl is a Robot-building aficionado and can’t wait to start giving them brains! He is Canada’s answer to Dr. Packidermus J. Elefun, the legal guardian and caring father-figure to Astroboy, a supporter of Robot Rights, and Head of the Ministry of Science.

Karl is also the President of the inter-planetary Fan Club and Admiration Society for Osamu Tezuka, Astroboy’s Creator, considered the Father of Manga and Anime, as well as the Japanese equivalent to Walt Disney.

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Olufisayo Alli Procurement Specialist

Olufisayo enjoys learning new things about Supply Chain Management and Finance. In his spare time, he relishes doing a wide range of things. However, at the very top of Olu’s list is to spend quality time with his family and friends. He also delights in reading, playing soccer (he’s TRINUS’ latest footballing imported superstar acquisition, all the way from Nigeria!), chess, and scrabble.

Account Management and Marketing: Help clients eliminate the guesswork out of choosing the right technologies.

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Jon Harmon Account Manager

Jon joined TRINUS as Account Manager in October, 2017. He likes to challenge himself in new and exciting opportunities in the technological world. Jon loves being a husband and a dad. He’s passionate about Martial Arts and is also an avid historian of all incarnations of Punk Rock, Classic Rock and Alternative Rock.

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Damin Massicotte Account Manager

Damin began working for us in 2015. He cherishes opportunities to meet new faces inside & outside the office, likes catching-up with family & friends, is a Video Game Expert, enjoys watching new & developing Technology/Chemistry videos, is an extraordinary Chef, and is known within TRINUS quarters as “Babyface Assassin.”

He claims to be a “Gemini”, whatever that is (perhaps an Italian jewel, an alien species, a spaceship, a creature out of a Tolkien book, or something; oh well!)

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Chris Penn Marketing Manager

Chris joined TRINUS in September, 2016. A glass half-full-kind-of guy, he’s a serious 60’s Music Collector and obsesses with unearthing long-lost Collectables & Artifacts. Chris also collects 60’s TV shows and 50’s/60’s low-budget Cult Science Fiction ‘B’ movies. He’s Soccer-crazy, as well as Whodunit-impassioned!

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Misty Jespersen Business Consultant

Misty, who’s been endowed with the most astonishing amount of nicknames the world has ever known, likes to spend time with family, camping (more like “Glamping”), singing at the very top of her lungs while driving (often just to embarrass her 12-year-old daughter), decorating cakes, having coffee with friends, and equally as important, watching demolition derbies. Depending on her mood, Misty likes to watch anything from Romantic Comedies to True Crime Documentaries.

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TRINUS is proud to partner with Industry Leaders for both hardware and software who reflect our values of reliability, professionalism and Client-focused service.