Blog / Virtual Meetings Revisited Virtual Meeting Concept A few tips for making the most out of your video conferences Despite the endless memes about how every one of them could be an email, the office meeting remains an essential means of communicating important information across your organization. But in the wake of the pandemic and general expansion of work-from-home programs, virtual meetings […] August 15, 2022
Blog / More Applications Audits Best Practices Magnifying glass and computer illustrating applications audits Rounding out our look at Systems and Applications Audits with a few final tips For the last few weeks we’ve been looking at the importance of systems and applications audits for SMBs and other organizations. We’ve already been through what they are and why they’re used, as well as shown a simple 5-step systems audit […] August 11, 2022
Blog / The Risks of Working From Home work from home risks Just a few things to consider if you run a work-from-home program Just a couple years ago most employers wouldn’t even think of letting most of their employees work from home; it was a privilege reserved for management and other elites not because of complexity but because of licenses. Software developers understand remote connection are […] August 09, 2022
Blog / A 5-Step Systems Audit for SMBs 5 thumbs up as concept of 5-step systems audit A good technology audit starts with a strong foundation. Technology audits can be complicated and time-consuming, so much so that some small-to-medium businesses may find them difficult to justify, especially if resources and budgets are particularly tight. Nevertheless, while it may not make sense for you to invest in a technology innovation audit, pretty much […] July 28, 2022
Blog / The 3 Ws of Technology Audits Technology audits checkbox What they are, why they’re important, and when to do them. When it comes to maximizing the value of your IT, you need to understand your IT infrastructure and how it’s being used. That’s easier said than done, but not impossible. Some of the most effective tools for getting a bird’s eye view of all-things […] July 14, 2022
Blog / Why is Network Segregation Important? Network segregation concept Don’t let the bad guys weaponize your own network against you. One of the common results of the security audits I perform is the recommendation to segregate the client’s networks. In fact, network segregation is often viewed as just a way to organize or devices and usually gets put into the pile of other IT […] July 12, 2022
Blog / Incident Response Plans vs Disaster Recovery Plans Are they really all that different? Having a solid incident response plan and disaster recovery plan are required by multiple regulatory frameworks and legislations (PIPA, PIPEDA and PCI-DSS all require them). These plans form the basis for how organizations deal with the situation when things go rather badly wrong. It’s important to have them in […] June 21, 2022
Blog / Refining Remote Work cloud storage As we put COVID behind us, it’s clear the predictions it would change the work world were mostly true and most people are working from home more than ever. Sure, office buildings haven’t become the glittery mausoleums in empty city centers that look like they could have been taken from a post-apocalyptic film set as […] May 26, 2022
Blog / Meta’s Data Privacy Problems: A Cautionary Tale Data privacy Even Facebook doesn’t know where user data goes. A recently leaked internal report from Facebook, Meta’s flagship service, shows the social media giant’s own data engineers can’t say with any real certainty where their users’ data is stored. If you’ll stand for a bit of editorializing, it’s ironic that the company known for data privacy […] May 16, 2022
Blog / The Legal Realities of Cyber Security Non-Compliance Cyber Security Legal Compliance concept When it comes to cyber security practices and why customers “can’t” do the things they should be doing, I’ve pretty much heard it all. “Isn’t there a cheaper alternative?” “We’ve been doing it this way since forever.” “Nothing’s gone wrong before.” “That seems too complicated.” I’ve heard plenty of other “reasons” for avoiding cyber security […] April 26, 2022

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