Blog / Three Ways Technology is Empowering Municipal Government high tech municipal government How technology can benefit your municipal government. Governments, be they local, provincial or federal–are meant to offer much needed services for the community but often struggle to do so efficiently and economically. There’s a variety of reasons for this, and we’re not a politics blog so we’re not going to get into the details of […] March 16, 2023
Blog / Is the Metaverse Really DOA? Man yelling at the metaverse in a headset While Meta’s failures have been public, the metaverse itself is virtually inevitable. Although Facebook made a public relations splash a few years ago with their high profile rebranding to Meta, interest in the metaverse since then has slipped substantially, leading some to speculate the that metaverse was dead on arrival. According to these naysayers, we […] February 23, 2023
Blog / Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Futuristic Christmas Tree And a wonderful new year too! With the holidays right around the corner we just wanted to take this chance to thank everyone at TRINUS—our staff, employees, and of course our clients—for helping to make 2022 another great year. It was full of ups and downs as they all are, but we all came through […] December 22, 2022
Blog / A Remarkable Computer for a Remarkable Recipient Making James’s Wish Come True. TRINUS recently helped Make-A-Wish Canada bring a wish to life for another young recipient. Using technology and computers to make wishes come true is always a worthwhile experience for us, and it was no exception this time. James, like so many others his age, had a straightforward wish; he just […] July 22, 2022
Blog / Plugging Technology Gaps with Traffic Lights technology gaps coding street lights analogy Prioritize filling technology gaps using a straightforward approach. Although advancing technology has been a boon to productivity, particularly over the past few decades as the pace of advances continues to accelerate, it’s important to remember that not all technologies are made equal. Even the ones developed to ameliorate the same pain points often have different […] July 18, 2022
Blog / Three Dark Horse Technologies To Keep An Eye On Peer-to-peer Network Concept Being forward-thinking isn’t just a plus, it’s necessary for success. When you work in a field like IT, it’s imperative to keep up on the latest trends and developments in technology. Of course, not every potential new trend or clickbait headline comes true, even when they’re truly useful. Sometimes good ideas just don’t catch on. […] July 04, 2022
Blog / Simplifying Municipal Elections with IT electronic voting More complications make municipal elections a great fit for new technologies. Advancing technology has transformed almost every aspect of our society, but there is one democratic institution that hasn’t kept up, and that’s the fundamental act of electing leaders and making decisions via accurate and secure elections. There are actually several good reasons electronic and […] June 30, 2022
Blog / The Future of IT Machine Learning Trying to predict the next ten years While the coronavirus may have thrown a (substantial) wrench into both our individual lives and society at large, it also served to accelerate our already increasingly rapid adoption of new technologies. Not only did the pandemic squeeze 10 years of e-commerce growth into a mere three months back […] June 13, 2022
Blog / An Awesome Computer for an Awesome Kid TRINUS recently helped Make-A-Wish Canada bring a wish to life for another young recipient. Using technology and computers to make wishes come true is always a worthwhile experience for us, and this time was no exception. Owen’s wish was straightforward and simple; he wanted a state-of-the-art gaming computer so he could game-on online.Owen is a […] March 25, 2022
Blog / Smart Cities: The Future of Municipal IT Today smart cities concept Smart devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. Even if you’re not an early adopter or frenetic techie in love with all things IoT, chances are you still own a smart phone of some kind that’s likely even within reach while your reading this. Meanwhile, smart TVs and connected hubs like Amazon’s […] March 17, 2022

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