Blog / Protecting Your Personal Privacy in an Online World keyboard with button replaced by blue privacy button No one likes to have “The Man” looking over their shoulder all the time. A certain degree of monitoring is required and even expected for that extra layer of security (like cameras in the office, login monitoring, etc.), but when does it become too much? When is enough, well, enough? And how much tracking actually […] April 19, 2021
Blog / Facebook scraped for massive amounts of data In case you haven’t heard, Facebook has had a data breach. A big one. How big? A little over 500 million records (about 20% of it’s users). In fact it was so big that the website added a totally new search feature when the information was posted. So yeah, it was pretty big. But how did […] April 12, 2021
Blog / The Cloud: Soft, Fluffy, and Secure “The Cloud” is often touted as being the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s amazing! It’s fast, it’s secure, it’s inexpensive, and it’s [insert your favourite feature here]! Honestly with the list of great features and things it can do, it’s a wonder that anyone buys there own computers anymore, right? But is the Cloud […] April 04, 2021
Blog / Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans What do you do in the event of a fire in office? Not a small one mind you, a big one. What about a flood? Have you considered an earthquake? What do you do (as a business) when things go horribly, terribly, massively, wrong? You turn to your Disaster Recovery(DR) and/or Business Continuity(BC) plans. These […] March 29, 2021
Blog / What is Social Engineering? When most people think about hacking they normally picture something out the movies. You know the scene; some hooded hacker at a keyboard performing all sorts of technological wizardry to get around a computer’s defenses. Unfortunately that’s also exactly how most organizations set up their hacking defenses. The problem is there’s a hole in that […] March 22, 2021
Blog / Phishing Emails – Effective for hackers, hard to detect for filters Phishing emails and spam both come at you through the same medium: email. That means the defenses against both are also the same. It’s down to your spam filtering to keep you protected from spam and other harmful email messages. Spam filtering checks can be configured as either hard or soft checks. The terms hard and soft don’t refer […] March 15, 2021
Blog / URGENT—Exchange Server Vulnerability Update On Wednesday March 3rd we detailed a server “zero-day” security vulnerability discovered in Exchange Server 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019. At the time it was noted that while the vulnerability had been exploited prior to the patches being available, Microsoft had suspected that only a handful of high-profile organizations had been compromised by a Chinese […] March 09, 2021
Blog / “Zero-day” security vulnerability discovered on Microsoft Exchange servers On Tuesday March 2nd Microsoft released notice of a “zero-day” security vulnerability discovered in Exchange Server 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019. Zero-day vulnerabilities are vulnerabilities in software that have been present since initial release of the software. These vulnerabilities are often discovered after they are exploited for malicious purposes and there is little defense against them […] March 03, 2021
Blog / Cyber Security Newsletter: The Incident Response Plan Having an Incident Response plan (IRP) is important for any business. You need to have a plan for dealing with big issues (like ransomware) beforehand. Making it up as you go along is a great way to ensure that you make mistakes. In a lot of cases the majority of effort is focused on getting […] March 02, 2021

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