Blog / Have you heard of a thing called smishing? Person opening a smishing message on their phone One thing you should understand about computer people is that we love to give things funny or clever names, and we love our acronyms. Computer hardware storage sizes are a great example. It’s all about bits and bytes (and there’s even an old out-of-use term known as a nibble). These are real terms that I’m […] September 28, 2021
Blog / Email Security Is More Important Than Ever Padlock and envelopes concept of email security Email is an amazing tool that just about everyone is at least partly familiar with. Every day, millions of emails are sent across the globe. But that’s not even the most amazing thing about it. The truly incredible thing about email is its complete and utter lack of built-in security. That’s right. When you boil […] September 21, 2021
Blog / Computer Security Basics Are Always Evolving Business man upgrading computer security practices What’s considered common sense in computer security is always changing. In fact, if I had to describe the world of computer security in one word, it would be ‘volatile’. Unfortunately too many people think this just means the bad guys are constantly evolving their tactics. Too often they forget that, in this context, volatility also […] September 14, 2021
Blog / Layered Security is Your Network’s Best Defense Layered security represented by three interlocking padlocks Another day, another breach of a major company. This time around it’s T-Mobile, one of the major US cellular carriers, who apparently wasn’t using layered security as part of their defenses. The hacker claiming to be responsible is active on Twitter, and claims the attack was politically motivated by an alleged abduction and subsequent torture […] September 07, 2021
Blog / Website Monitoring and Traffic Filtering for Businesses Camera against circuit symbolizing website monitoring When the internet was first invented we thought it was going to be a boon for humanity. Unfortunately, although it was easy to see the internet’s potential for good, it was just as easy for the criminals to see its potential for exploitation. From a business perspective, this meant things like leaking inside information, wasting […] August 31, 2021
Blog / The Threat of Quadruple Extortion Hacker getting paid after using a quadruple extortion ransomware attack Ransomware is making headlines yet again with “quadruple extortion”. As regular readers know by now, ransomware has become hackers’ preferred mode of attack. Just in case you don’t know by now, ransomware is malicious software that encrypts files and holds them hostage until the victim, usually a business of some kind, pays a ransom to […] August 24, 2021
Blog / Cyber Security Compliance Requirements Text book about internet law and cyber security compliance An introduction to some common compliance standards. Computer security is a complicated issue. Making sure important information is adequately protected is an easy statement to make. But “important” and “adequate” are subjective statements. This is part of the problem when trying to get guidance about how to secure your organization. Much of the advice you […] August 17, 2021
Blog / Homewood Health Data Breach Data Breach How NOT to handle a data breach. The other day I received an article about a data breach impacting a number of Albertans.¬†Homewood Health had a large amount of its data stolen¬†and sold on an internet marketplace. It took some digging but I eventually found a bit more information about the situation, but there doesn’t […] August 10, 2021
Blog / Have a plan for dealing with Ransomware It’s unfortunate to say but ransomware has become so pervasive that it’s become a fact of life in the world of computer security. It’s not a question of if you’re going to have a ransomware infection, it’s when. Now this doesn’t mean adopting a defeatist attitude, but it does mean recognizing the reality of the […] August 03, 2021
Blog / Cryptojacking: A Brief Look at a New Online Threat hacker performing cryptojacking In order to effectively communicate with people, it’s important to be able to speak the same “language.” This is true regardless of who you’re speaking to or what you’re talking about. Two botanists debating the best soil composition for growing drought resistant flowers are going to use very different language than two neighbours chatting about […] July 27, 2021

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