Blog / Let’s Talk About Responsibility There’s a difference between what we should and what we must do. As a professional cybersecurity technician I spend a fair bit of time roaming the internet to find news articles and press releases about exploited vulnerabilities. Keeping an eye out for the latest news, tricks, and traps is an essential part of the job. […] November 28, 2023
Blog / The Fickle Nature of Compliance New Regulations key for updating compliance standards Changing rules mean taking charge of compliance for yourself. Every organization, regardless of type, needs to be aware of the rules and regulations they operate under. However, change is inevitable and even though governments can be slow to catch up, legislation does eventually evolve. When changes do happen, they’re usually accompanied by announcements and press […] November 21, 2023
Blog / AI Capabilities Are Advancing Rapidly artificial intelligence and AI capabilities represented by polygonal brain Staying up-to-date about AI capabilities can help prevent nasty surprises. Recently I encouraged organizations to consider addressing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in their policies. At the time the capabilities of readily available AI systems were limited to text generation and answering questions. But of course we’re talking about computers, technology rapidly advances, and […] November 14, 2023
Blog / Three Considerations for Improving Cybersecurity Three considerations for improving cybersecurity Ask yourself these three questions when improving cybersecurity. Improving cybersecurity can be a tricky task. The uninitiated might assume that the only thing to be concerned with is indeed computer security, but there are plenty of other moving pieces involved and the reality is that the situation is much more complicated. However, given the dramatic […] November 07, 2023
Blog / Computer Security Requires a Security Mindset computer security mindset concept of digital brain wireframe Always take computer security incidents seriously. Your network and computer security is more important than ever. Insurance providers now require more extensive defense measures than ever before they’ll even think of insuring you. The world is more connected than ever, making it easier for anyone to communicate with you, including not just customers and vendors, […] October 31, 2023
Blog / Halloween and Cybersecurity Awareness Cybersecurity awareness month What does cybersecurity awareness have to do with the spookiest night of the year? Ah, autumn! When the leaves change and come tumbling down, temperatures drop, and we begin the march towards winter. But it’s not all bad. It’s also the season for carving pumpkins, creepy and kooky costumes, and, on the penultimate evening of […] October 24, 2023
Blog / Cheaper technology means less security The evolution of cameras as an example of cheaper technology As devices evolve, cheaper technology is leaving some vulnerable. As technology advances, what used to be cutting edge becomes commonplace and unmoving. Take cameras, for example. They used to be specialized and expensive, the sort of things only businesses and professionals used. Then came personal cameras like those touristy yellow-block Kodaks and the now famous […] October 17, 2023
Blog / Can Your Cybersecurity Posture Stand Up to… Cats? Cat attacking a company's cybersecurity posture by accident A flexible, adaptable cybersecurity posture is key. Keeping up-to-date on the latest and most dangerous cybersecurity attacks is a key part of my responsibilities at TRINUS. This means plenty of online research about breaches and other cybersecurity events the world over (hackers typically know no borders). By tracking these events, cybersecurity professionals like myself get […] October 10, 2023
Blog / Phishing Attacks Are Overtaking Ransomware Phishing attacks button with fishing hook on red-lit keyboard The hacks you need to defend against these days are phishing attacks. When it comes to hackers’ preferred cybersecurity attacks, the computer industry goes through phases. For a long time malware was the main agitator, and the main advice you heard was just to put antiviral software everywhere. Over the past few years there’s been […] October 03, 2023
Blog / Filtering websites is important for any organization. Filtering websites leading to a blocked screen How filtering websites works and what are the limitations? It’s almost common knowledge these days that filtering websites is an important task for pretty much every business. But why? It’s not just to keep employees productive or off Facebook. It’s actually about liability, and not just the kind that crops up when one employee catches […] September 26, 2023

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