Blog / Is Your IT Team at Risk for Burnout? Burnout The Scope of Cyber Issues Keeps Expanding At a recent international cybersecurity conference, Canada’s newly appointed new head of the Centre for Cyber Security described his first months on the job as a “dizzying” experience, referring to a plethora of large scale incidents over a relatively short period of time. For those of you who […] June 09, 2022
Blog / Some facts about wireless communications Wireless Communications Dispelling a few common misconceptions When it comes to computers, the general public often makes the mistaken assumption that computers are far more intelligent than they really are. It’s an easy assumption to fall for; just look at the amazing things they can do and accomplish! With a bit of setup you can press a […] June 07, 2022
Blog / Cyber Insurance Premiums Are On Their Way Up cyber insurance premiums Way, way up. Cyber insurance is a surprisingly recent new addition to the cyber security toolbox. It’s pretty simple; if you suffer a cyber attack, your insurance should help recover at least some of the damages inflicted by it. Despite how new cyber insurance is, it’s become a standard recommendation for businesses to have at […] May 31, 2022
Blog / What is a hackers worst nightmare? Attack Failed Answer: businesses that actually update their applications. There’s plenty of advice that gets thrown around for securing your organization; have good passwords, manage your mobile devices, keep an eye on your antimalware logs, etc. How do you tell what is actually good advice? Well, in my opinion, the best advice is what has proven to […] May 24, 2022
Blog / Mandatory Breach Reporting Mandatory Breach Reporting You have to be looking for breaches to report them. PIPA, PIPEDA and HIPAA are all sets of regulations that involve some form of mandatory breach reporting. There are rules surrounding how much time you have to report a breach to the government as well as to those affected by it. Of course, there are […] May 17, 2022
Blog / The Importance of Staying Up To Date Update What does that mean for IT security? One of the most common mantras in IT security is “Stay up to date.” You’ll find it in every set of tips because it’s pretty much a standard recommendation that gets made in every facet of IT in general. Generally speaking, this is intended to mean that you […] May 10, 2022
Blog / The Physical Dangers of Malware and Viruses Malware and viruses concept Did you know not all malware and viruses are contained to the internet? Now, to be clear, I’m not suggesting computer viruses can evolve into biological ones. However, there’s a pervasive belief among the general public that malware might screw up computers and destroy valuable digital assets but are otherwise harmless to real world devices. […] May 03, 2022
Blog / The Legal Realities of Cyber Security Non-Compliance Cyber Security Legal Compliance concept When it comes to cyber security practices and why customers “can’t” do the things they should be doing, I’ve pretty much heard it all. “Isn’t there a cheaper alternative?” “We’ve been doing it this way since forever.” “Nothing’s gone wrong before.” “That seems too complicated.” I’ve heard plenty of other “reasons” for avoiding cyber security […] April 26, 2022
Blog / Basic Cyber Security Tips basic cyber security It’s funny how long weekends are meant to be relaxing and give us a chance to recharge, and yet it seems no matter how much fun R&R we get, the first day back can seem extra-hard. Maybe you got used to sleeping in, or maybe you had family over for an egg-hunt and it was […] April 19, 2022
Blog / Cyber Security Software Licenses Are A Must-Have Cyber security software license I’ve talked before about the differences between consumer grade and business class equipment, but there’s one product I’d like to focus on this week. One of the major differences between a business-class firewall and a consumer-grade firewall is that the former includes a license or support agreement of some kind  (though some consumer firewalls do […] April 12, 2022

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