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Some Cloud Services Could Lead to Turbulence For Your Organization

Cloud services have become incredibly prolific over the last few years. Different clouds have appeared in various forms over the decades, but recently they’ve become substantially more popular and can be found in organizations of every size. It’s reached the point that some organizations and big companies actually use multiple clouds for different purposes and even from different providers.  There’s nothing wrong or inherently problematic with such an approach, but too often organizations don’t realize that relying on cloud services can cause trouble down the road if you’re unprepared.

Issue #1: When Cloud Services End

The first potential problem arises when a service provider decides they no longer wish to offer the service. This has actually already happened multiple times, and isn’t limited to smaller providers shuttering their businesses. Large organizations like Microsoft and Google have started then mothballed different cloud services over the years, and they’re not alone. Remember there’s no requirement for a company to offer a cloud if they don’t want too, even if your business has come to be reliant the service.

Issue #2: When Cloud Services Change Behaviours

Another issue to be aware of when dealing with cloud providers is that they can alter parts of the service as they see fit. This happens actually happens regularly also. For example, Microsoft recently issued new rules regarding spam filtering for Office 365. To be fair, this is a way to improve security, but it’s also a change to the defaults and settings of a service that you don’t have the option to refuse.

Issue #3: When Supporting Services Fail

Finally, for now at least, don’t forget that you won’t be able to make use of your cloud when your internet is down. It doesn’t matter if the cause is your ISP, hardware like your modems/routers, or even if your cloud provider is having problems with the internet on their end, at the end of the day you won’t be able to access your cloud without your internet and other supporting services.

So remember that, as with any external service provider, cloud or otherwise, you’re giving up a measure of control in exchange for the convenience or benefits of the outsourced service when you sign up. That’s not a problem, to be clear, but many organizations’ leaders often don’t fully understand what they’re signing up for when they start using a cloud service. After all, even the prettiest clouds can have a stormy underside.

If you’d like help choosing a cloud provider and/or developing your own cloud for in-house use, contact a TRINUS IT professional today to get yourself some stress-free IT.

Today’s quote comes from the play Julius Caesar: “Th’ abuse of greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power.”


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