Blog / Disaster Recovery Plans and Infrastructure Disaster Recovery Plans ready to be activated by a big red button! Properly Prioritizing Items In Your Disaster Recovery Plans. Hopefully it comes as no surprise to anyone that, regardless of your organization type—whether it’s a private business, a non-profit, a municipality, etc.—it must abide by some kind of regulations or legislation. The exact rule sets vary, but regardless of whether they’re addressing payment card data standards […] April 09, 2024
Blog / Setting Up Secure Water Treatment Plants Water Treatment Plants in a rural field The Dangers of Unsecured Water Treatment Plants Water treatment plants are everywhere. That’s because there are serious challenges involved in transporting water. For one, it flows downhill easily, but sending it uphill is a different story and requires pipes, pumps, and the energy to run them. Pipelines are expensive and impractical, and there are plenty […] April 02, 2024
Blog / Using User Permissions Properly Administrator level user permissions login and password screen Who gets which user permissions can be a thorny issue. When it comes to cybersecurity, giving employees the appropriate user permissions is essential. While the specific technical issues can be complicated, the overall idea of user permissions is pretty simple; different types of users are given different degrees of access to different systems according to […] March 26, 2024
Blog / Clear Communication Is Crucial When Things Go Wrong Incident Response Policies Notification Incident Response Policies and why your business needs one. Before getting into the details, let me be clear; one of the most important reasons why your organization needs an Incident Response Policy, or IRP, is for compliance. But I’ve written a lot about the importance of compliance with regulations like Alberta’s privacy legislation PIPA or […] March 19, 2024
Blog / Living in the Age of AI An AI face looking down on a person. Do you have policies regarding the use of AI? Recently I wrote about how artificial intelligence, or AI, was used to help create a deep fake that successfully scammed an organization out of a sizeable $35 million (CAD). Tools like ChatGPT and OpenArt have been growing in their scope, accuracy, flexibility, and importantly, business popularity, […] March 12, 2024
Blog / Critical Patches Need Quick Implementation Computer damaged by not taking a critical patches quickly enough. How long does your cybersecurity policy allow for installing critical patches? Having an official policy to both monitor for and quickly apply critical patches is important and has been a standard cybersecurity recommendation for a long time. Regulations and legislation like PCI-DSS or PIPA also require a formal policy regarding important updates. But beyond simple […] March 05, 2024
Blog / Deeply concerned about deep fakes? Deep fakes concept Here are two hundred million reasons why deep fakes are dangerous. Forgeries have been around for a long time, and we’re not talking about just fake signatures on false cheques. Back before everyone was carrying camera-phones around and uploading pictures to the internet, physical photos captured on film and developed in chemical baths were the […] February 27, 2024
Blog / Segregating Your Networks Visualization of segregated networks and how segregating your networks works When it comes to security and compliance, segregating your networks is a must. IT terminology can be daunting, but don’t worry, because computer networks aren’t; they’re simply groups of computers that communicate with each other. A network can range from just a few devices to fleets of hundreds and even thousands of computers, and they […] February 20, 2024
Blog / Are you skipping your network’s annual checkup? Network Failure You network may seem fine, but how can you be sure? Maintaining your health is important. For many of us, the bare minimum in staying healthy includes an annual checkup with your family doctor. If you’re anything like me this typically includes stomaching some bloodwork, a step on the scale, and a look in the […] February 08, 2024
Blog / Network Traffic Network traffic between computers Important differences between wired and wireless network traffic. When it comes to how computers communicate, most people outside of IT don’t understand the process. Sure we’ve all heard of routers and modems and even internet pipes, but who actually knows how those work? And even within the IT world there are many who don’t fully […] February 06, 2024

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