Blog / Leverage Productivity Features with Better IT Training IT Training conceptualized through a digital brain Computer technology has enabled so much radical growth in productivity in virtually every sector of the economy that its advent has sometimes been referred to as an Industrial Revolution all its own. From the “simple” ability to type directly into a digital document, to spreadsheets, to hotkeys (to say nothing of email and the internet), […] March 31, 2022
Blog / Basic Computer Security Isn’t So Basic Anymore Basic computer security The Russian invasion of Ukraine has made headlines everywhere lately, including our newsletters. Hopefully you’ve found the details and key information within helpful and actionable. However, it wouldn’t be entirely untrue if one was to sum up our recent advice as “be more on guard than usual.” Don’t get me wrong; building strong use policies, […] March 29, 2022
Blog / An Awesome Computer for an Awesome Kid TRINUS recently helped Make-A-Wish Canada bring a wish to life for another young recipient. Using technology and computers to make wishes come true is always a worthwhile experience for us, and this time was no exception. Owen’s wish was straightforward and simple; he wanted a state-of-the-art gaming computer so he could game-on online.Owen is a […] March 25, 2022
Blog / A Case Study About a Russian State-Sponsored Attack russian state-sponsored attack Quickly installing updates and performing regular maintenance could have stopped a Russian state-sponsored attack. I’ve used the last couple of newsletters to give gentle reminders that, due to the war in the Ukraine, organizations should be paying more attention to their cyber security. Recently the US released details on how a Russian state-sponsored attack managed […] March 22, 2022
Blog / Smart Cities: The Future of Municipal IT Today smart cities concept Smart devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. Even if you’re not an early adopter or frenetic techie in love with all things IoT, chances are you still own a smart phone of some kind that’s likely even within reach while your reading this. Meanwhile, smart TVs and connected hubs like Amazon’s […] March 17, 2022
Blog / Improving Your Cyber Security Posture cyber security posture habits getting broken down Is there an easy, cost-effective way of improving your cyber security posture? Yes, but many organizations don’t do it. When people talk about an organization’s cyber security posture, they’re talking about how prepared that organization is to deal with any cyber security disruption. This covers substantially more than the brand of of antivirus software you […] March 15, 2022
Blog / What the War in Ukraine Means for your Cyber Security Ukrainian and Russian Flags painted on concrete Much has been made in the western media about the cyber component of the war in Ukraine. Technology experts are watching the first conflict between two developed nations in the 21st century to see how cyber space has been weaponized both offensively and defensively to support a military engagement. While the media and their associated […] March 10, 2022
Blog / Don’t fall victim to fallout Russian flag on computer screen as attack Just to get it out of the way, I’d like to start this newsletter by assuring you right off the bat that this will not be about politics. This is a cyber security newsletter and only a cyber security newsletter. However, there’s no denying some of what’s going on in the real world does have real […] March 08, 2022
Blog / The Inside Scoop on Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Digital transformation is one of those IT business phrases that gets bandied around a lot but doesn’t mean much to those on the outside. In fact, you could almost call it a buzzword. After all, loathe as I am to start one of these articles with “Webster’s defines ‘buzzword’ as…”, the famous dictionary does describe […] March 03, 2022
Blog / The Importance of IP Address Restrictions Russian Hackers It probably comes as no surprise that Russia is currently on pretty much everyone’s cyber security radar. There are bot nets and hacking originating from (and targeted at) Russia like you wouldn’t believe right now. Well, maybe you would considering what Russia’s getting up to these days, but the thing is this has been going […] March 01, 2022

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