Blog / What are content delivery networks and why do you need one? Content Delivery Networks When it comes to the internet, pretty much everything is about speed, speed, and more speed. There’s no arguing that security is (and should be) a primary concern, but realistically, end users prioritize speed over safety most of the time. That’s one reason why website loading times are important to Google’s ranking algorithm and 5G […] December 13, 2021
Blog / The True Scope of the Ransomware Problem The Global Ransomware Problem Nobody is going to deny that ransomware is a problem. Most probably won’t even deny it’s both a large big and growing problem. Yet there’s a problem with that assessment. We can only rely on the information that companies are willing to talk about. Let’s step away from ransomware for just a second and talk […] December 07, 2021
Blog / The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Cyber Loafing Cyber loafing Acceptable Use Policies, or AUPs, typically try to address two specific elements of employee behaviour: dangerous practices and productivity. The security risks of employees browsing dangerous and unacceptable sites on company computers are clear. However, when it comes to the productivity side of things, things aren’t nearly as clear cut. There’s sometimes conflicting information from […] December 02, 2021
Blog / User Awareness is a big deal in cyber security One thing you can be sure of when it comes to criminals is that they’ll always target the weakest link they can find. You can have the best security system, alarms, bars on your windows and man-traps on your building, but if your employees are clueless about your security then all that will quickly become […] November 30, 2021
Blog / The Basics of Cloud to Cloud Backups Cloud to Cloud backups You don’t need to be a qualified IT professional to understand that backing up your data is absolutely essential for modern organizations. It’s a bit of wisdom so well known it’s practically common knowledge. However, just because the concept is understood and the practice widespread doesn’t mean there isn’t hidden complexity. In rapidly evolving industries […] November 29, 2021
Blog / Do you have a next generation firewall? Firewall Although it’s a technical and challenging topic, there are certain things about cyber security that are considered common knowledge. The easiest example involves antiviral software; everyone knows they should always have antiviral software installed on their computers. This is virtually universally understood (though it’s somewhat less accepted wisdom for Apple or Linux devices). Something else […] November 23, 2021
Blog / Enforcing Your Acceptable Use Policy Effectively Acceptable Use Policy button As we’ve written about previously, having an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for your employees isn’t really an option in the business world these days. With so much work being done either on computers, online, or both, it’s imperative that you clearly define what employee behavior on company machines is acceptable and what is not. The […] November 18, 2021
Blog / How Big is Your Network? Network of computers Thinking about a network of computers is similar to thinking about a network of people. They’re both collections, albeit of devices or people, that can talk to each other. Some devices communicate wirelessly, others through an ethernet connection, and some over the internet. It’s not really important to think about how they talk to each […] November 16, 2021
Blog / 5 Key Considerations for Selecting a Managed Service Provider Businessman deciding on a new managed service provider There are plenty of benefits to partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for your IT needs. Outsourcing all or most of your IT can dramatically reduce your internal IT costs, improve efficiency across your organization, and substantially enhance your online/cyber security positioning. There are plenty of other benefits too. In every case though, you […] November 15, 2021
Blog / Don’t Mistake Cyber Resiliency for Cyber Security Cyber Resiliency on keyboard button with wrenches Have you ever considered your organization’s cyber resiliency? Don’t feel bad if you said no. In fact, the truth is you probably have but just didn’t know it. That’s partly because cyber resiliency is a fairly broad ranging subject that encompasses multiple topics. In a nutshell, cyber resilience is an organization’s ability to resist or […] November 09, 2021

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