Blog / The Threat of Quadruple Extortion Hacker getting paid after using a quadruple extortion ransomware attack Ransomware is making headlines yet again with “quadruple extortion”. As regular readers know by now, ransomware has become hackers’ preferred mode of attack. Just in case you don’t know by now, ransomware is malicious software that encrypts files and holds them hostage until the victim, usually a business of some kind, pays a ransom to […] August 24, 2021
Blog / Authentication and Authorization: What’s the Difference? Man not understanding difference between authentication and authorization As pretty much every anyone who speaks English, either natively or as a second language, ours is a messy language. In fact, it’s got so many rules, exceptions, and homonyms that many consider it one of the most difficult languages in the entire world. We also have a bad habit of letting words that are […] August 23, 2021
Blog / Cyber Security Compliance Requirements Text book about internet law and cyber security compliance An introduction to some common compliance standards. Computer security is a complicated issue. Making sure important information is adequately protected is an easy statement to make. But “important” and “adequate” are subjective statements. This is part of the problem when trying to get guidance about how to secure your organization. Much of the advice you […] August 17, 2021
Blog / Outsourcing IT Support During Labour Shortages Ad for IT support Outsourced IT support is useful when qualified personnel are hard to find. As the economy slowly recovers in the wake of the pandemic, many business owners are again struggling with employment concerns. It’s not a labour glut resulting from shutdowns though; this time many industries are experiencing a shortage of qualified employees. Labour shortages aren’t […] August 12, 2021
Blog / Homewood Health Data Breach Data Breach How NOT to handle a data breach. The other day I received an article about a data breach impacting a number of Albertans.¬†Homewood Health had a large amount of its data stolen¬†and sold on an internet marketplace. It took some digging but I eventually found a bit more information about the situation, but there doesn’t […] August 10, 2021
Blog / Why You Should Rid Yourself of Bloatware Bloatware icons Bloatware is an unfortunate fact of life these days. For those of you who don’t know, bloatware refers to all those annoying pre-installed applications on your devices. Once the exclusive scourge of mobile devices (particularly Androids), bloatware has made the move to PCs and laptops. It’s usually the result of distribution agreements with developers trying […] August 09, 2021
Blog / Have a plan for dealing with Ransomware It’s unfortunate to say but ransomware has become so pervasive that it’s become a fact of life in the world of computer security. It’s not a question of if you’re going to have a ransomware infection, it’s when. Now this doesn’t mean adopting a defeatist attitude, but it does mean recognizing the reality of the […] August 03, 2021
Blog / Five Microsoft Apps Everyone Should Know About They’re more useful than you might expect for being mostly unknown. Microsoft is a household name synonymous with the world’s most popular operating system, Windows, and a host of other well-known applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Teams (among others). Some of our more tech-savvy readers will also know about other services like […] July 29, 2021
Blog / Cryptojacking: A Brief Look at a New Online Threat hacker performing cryptojacking In order to effectively communicate with people, it’s important to be able to speak the same “language.” This is true regardless of who you’re speaking to or what you’re talking about. Two botanists debating the best soil composition for growing drought resistant flowers are going to use very different language than two neighbours chatting about […] July 27, 2021
Blog / Five Backup Methods Used By Managed IT Providers Server being backed up by managed IT providers Keeping your data secure is one of the key services of managed IT providers, but keeping it out of hackers’ hands is just part of the job. Hardware failure, software faults, power failure, and human error can all contribute to the loss or corruption of parts or all of your data, so it’s important to […] July 26, 2021

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