Blog / The Value of a Good IT Education Learn in blue keyboard letters denoting a good IT education is ongoing Making sure you and your staff know what you’re doing is key to leveraging your technology properly. Technology advances swiftly, and will only advance faster as it progresses. That makes it vitally important for business personnel to keep their technology skills up to date. One of the reasons many digital transformations fail to deliver their […] October 27, 2022
Blog / Why is Changing Passwords Regularly So Important? Changing Passwords highlighted on keyboard For many, changing passwords isn’t just best practices; it’s the law. Regular readers of this newsletter will know, Alberta’s PIPA legislation has been a featured topic in this newsletter from time to time. I’ve also mentioned PCI-DSS more than once as well. However what I want to point out now is that PIPA and PCI-DSS […] October 25, 2022
Blog / 4 Steps to Cleaner Data Data Cleansing Concept of a wiper going across 1s and 0s Data cleansing is an important part of good data hygiene. Because it can inform so many important business and strategic decisions, it’s essential for businesses and other organizations to maintain complete and valid data sets for whatever information you routinely collect and analyze. A single piece of data will often inform multiple decisions, such as […] October 20, 2022
Blog / Have You Checked What’s On Your Roof? drones with network intrusion equipment payload Drones are being weaponized with network intrusion equipment. Thanks to the rapid pace of technology, staying on top of the latest news is an absolute must for providing effective cybersecurity. A lot of that focus is on watching for vulnerabilities in important software, active attack campaigns, and problematic software patches (here’s looking at you, Windows). […] October 18, 2022
Blog / 3 More Ways To Be Proactive About IT Maintenance Proactive IT Management Use feedback and data to plan ahead properly. While the breakneck pace of technology advancement is a primary reason why it’s important for SMBs to be proactive in your IT maintenance (especially if you don’t have a MSP staying on top of these things for you), it also brings with it ever more advanced and […] October 13, 2022
Blog / The Value of Segregated Networks Segregated Networks Concept Don’t assume your internal network is a safe. Segregated networks are a complicated affair, but there’s a good analogy to help explain  the idea; it’s like building a plant conservatory. Plants are separated according to a set of criteria, and have walkways between each type of plant that allow limited traffic through, in a sheltered […] October 11, 2022
Blog / All About Data Hygiene data hygiene concept Don’t let decaying data damage your business. We’ve talked about the high value of data plenty of times before, so we’re not going to go on about how important it is for your data to be well-protected. That’s what our friendly neighbourhood cyber-man’s cybersecurity newsletter is for. Instead we’re going to take the next few […] October 06, 2022
Blog / Cyber security is not like the movies Attack Failed Although it is fast-paced and high stakes. Cyber security is a fast-paced business, and it’s important to keep tabs on current trends, tactics, and possible problem updates. That means I spend more time than you might think reading about about various breaches, and many of them read the same as all the rest. However, every […] October 04, 2022
Blog / Three Easy Steps Towards Proactive IT Maintenance image of toy men on computer board demonstrating proactive IT maintenance Proactive IT maintenance is essential not just for SMBs, but everyone. Considering the breakneck pace of technology (which is only going to accelerate even more as technology advances), it’s important to keep your systems up-to-date and maybe even ready for future upgrades. That means using proactive IT maintenance practices to keep your IT as productive, […] September 29, 2022
Blog / Has your password been pwned? pwned Don’t wait for a breach to find out. Passwords are the cornerstone of good security, and should be supported with two- or multi-factor authentication. However, as you can read about in our recent newsletter about the Uber breach, MFA isn’t a magic wand that fixes all password issues. Good password hygiene and habits are still […] September 27, 2022

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