Blog / Microsoft is Disabling Old Windows TLS Encryption. TLS encryption gears and a lock Disabling TLS could break nothing, or everything! Recently Microsoft announced they were going to be disabling TLS 1.0 and 1.1. This may sound like gibberish to you but the implications are significant. But before I get into why this is a big deal, I’ll explain what TLS actually is. TLS stands for ‘Transport Layer Security’ […] September 19, 2023
Blog / When cybersecurity incidents hit close to home. cybersecurity incidents represented by a shield with a green check deflecting an attack. What can we learn from local cybersecurity incidents? Whether you know it or not, cybersecurity affects all of us, even you and even if you’re not even online! That’s because you don’t need to be online for your data to be put at risk. If you’ve ever even just interacted with a business or service […] September 12, 2023
Blog / Network Security Basics Network Security concept with locks in green showing they're secure When it comes to network security, any service connecting to the internet can be leveraged. One of the most common questions about network security that cybersecurity specialists get is how hackers can attack an organization. The unfortunate truth is that pretty much any connection a machine has to the outside world can be used as […] August 29, 2023
Blog / Cloud vs. Onsite Servers A wireframe mockup of the cloud server farms used by providers What are the pros and cons of cloud servers as opposed to onsite ones? Cloud servers and services have long been touted as the ultimate server solution for both individuals and businesses. For one, their upfront costs are substantially lower than buying a server, and for another they come with their own infrastructure (a secured […] August 22, 2023
Blog / How much life does your computer hardware have left? old computer hardware in need of replacement Waiting for computer hardware to break is bad replacement policy. Although it’s rarely top-of-mind at the time, we all typically consider how long a product will last, even if we never calculate a precise time length or put it into words. That’s all fine and dandy for private life, but it’s a different story when […] August 15, 2023
Blog / A Refresher On Canada’s Antispam Legislation (CASL) CASL concept Understanding CASL rules can save you plenty of headaches. As regular readers know by now, compliance is a huge part of the cybersecurity domain or job scope. Yes, there’s plenty of patching and updating firewalls for ransom/malware protection, but pretty much every business today offers some kind of online payment program or collects private information, […] August 01, 2023
Blog / Changes to Privacy Legislation are on their way. Understand where you are now versus where the regulations are going. Long time readers will know that we like to sometimes discuss privacy and security legislation. For example, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) regulations come up periodically, which is a set of rules that applies to organizations that accept plastic for payment, […] July 18, 2023
Blog / Is your new hardware compatible with your environment? Planning ahead will help you avoid significant issues. The first part of any change project is planning what needs to be done, including the materials needed, additional fees or licenses that need to be paid, and any modifications to your existing setup to make it all work. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting in a […] July 11, 2023
Blog / Resetting Passwords Properly Resetting Passwords Resetting passwords can be dangerous when done wrong. Staying modern and on top of trends is important in any profession, but particularly cybersecurity. Situations can develop quickly, as quickly as computers can process things sometimes, so it’s important to be as prepared as possible by actively seeking out reports on attacks, exploit campaigns, and any […] July 04, 2023
Blog / Inventory Control and Security Inventory Control When it comes to inventory control, make sure you know who tracks what. The importance for strong inventory control processes is the same for businesses regardless of whether they offer goods, services, or both. Sure, plenty of costs and capital are bound in products (which of course is why those who do sell manufactured goods) […] June 27, 2023

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