Blog / Compliance as a Service Compliance as a Service Getting compliance right is worth the price. It seems like everything comes as a service these days. The most well known of these is likely SaaS, or Software as a Service, of which there are hundreds of thousands of variants these days when you include everything from Microsoft 365 to monthly game and app subscriptions. […] September 22, 2022
Blog / Uber’s Two-factor Failure UBER logo on broken phone for 2fa failure Using TFA properly means configuring it right and training personnel. Did you know Uber was recently hacked? The ride-share and now food delivery giant admitted a contractor’s credentials had been compromised and hackers were able to gain access to sensitive information. Don’t worry yet; although the damage is still being ascertained, the hackers apparently couldn’t […] September 20, 2022
Blog / 5 Funky Tech Gadgets for Your SMB Tech gadget collage At TRINUS, we understand that business is serious business, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a little fun now and then. With the sometimes seemingly endless warnings about ransomware, phishing attacks, and the need to streamline business operations, IT can feel a little stuffy at times. So we thought we’d take some time off […] September 15, 2022
Blog / What’s the Deal with Email Security? Encrypted email After 20 years email has got to be secure by now, right? Not so very long ago, email was a fresh, new tool that the kids in college were raving about that nobody outside academia cared about. Back in the 80s and early 90s many organizations didn’t use email at all. Obviously a lot has […] September 13, 2022
Blog / 4 Reasons to Invest in Technology Training technology training concept Keep your teams’ technology skills sharp. Change may be inevitable, but it usually creeps up on us. Technology in specific, however, seems to change and advance overnight. In fact, the rapid pace of technological growth makes maintaining and improving technology skills all the more important, which means it’s easier than ever to fall behind. Fortunately, […] September 08, 2022
Blog / Drive With Your Eyes Open Security Monitoring Keeping an eye on your organization’s security requires focus and attention. When it comes to protecting your organization, there are some common, almost universally understood requirements. Installing a firewall at the edge of your network is both an obvious security requirement and an obvious example. It’s the same when it comes to installing antimalware software. […] September 06, 2022
Blog / Mythbusting the VPN Value Proposition Lock with the letters VPN on it Is investing in a VPN really worth it? By now most of you have seen the commercials and YouTube videos sponsored by various VPN providers. Now, if you were to believe half of the claims being made, then you might think that VPNs are miracle solutions that address all your security concerns. They most certainly […] August 30, 2022
Blog / Three Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing Business artificial intelligence represented by polygonal brain Here’s how being an early adopter of AI may help your business While most estimates put widespread deployment of truly aware artificial intelligence as still several years (if not decades) away, the effects of research and development in this area are already being felt. In fact, the Harvard Business Review recently released an in-depth article […] August 29, 2022
Blog / Debunking Data Backup Myths debunking data backup myths concept of word dice changing from myths to facts When it comes to data backups, don’t fall for simple solutions. By now the importance of backing up your data is pretty common knowledge, and there are plenty of good reasons for it. However, as with all things important these days, it seems like there’s just as much misinformation floating around as there is reliable, […] August 25, 2022
Blog / Cyber Insurance Coverage is Changing cyber insurance claim denied Understanding your policy is more important than ever. Whether you view insurance as a scourge on society, a mere annoyance, or even an actually valuable service, cyber insurance as a concept is relatively new even by insurance standards. Cyber insurance was first offered by Lloyds of London back in 2000 (possibly inspired by the Y2K […] August 23, 2022

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