The Value of a Good IT Education

Blog / The Value of a Good IT Education

Making sure you and your staff know what you’re doing is key to leveraging your technology properly.

Technology advances swiftly, and will only advance faster as it progresses. That makes it vitally important for business personnel to keep their technology skills up to date. One of the reasons many digital transformations fail to deliver their expected value is a lack of user experience or understanding with their software applications and capabilities. All too often key features of applications go unknown and unused by the very people they’re meant to help, to say nothing of the advanced and new features often introduced by updates and patches. In order to get the most out of your technology investments, it’s important your people have a good IT education. Here’re three ways to help keep your teams software skills sharp.

  • Team training
  • Regular newsletters/announcements
  • Attend webinars

Team training

One of the best ways of keeping your team’s technology skills sharp is through thorough training on their software and its capabilities. It’s vitally important that you (or the person designing the training seminar) understand the material, specifically how the software serves to streamline specific workflows and the most valuable features. Depending on the depth and severity of your skill shortage, you may be best served by investing in professional education with qualified IT trainers.

Regular newsletters/announcements

Communicating not just upcoming changes to your IT infrastructure but the added value it they will bring to your staff is crucial to keeping your team sharp.  Regardless of whether it’s a hardware upgrade or a software update, staff can’t leverage resources or features they don’t know they have access too.

Attend webinars

Many software developers provide free online webinars and training for clients, and even those that may require a maintenance license or other fee to access training materials and webinars are worth the price. For example, Adobe regularly hosts training events and demonstrations, as well as hosting a library of previously recorded webinars. Google has an even more robust webinar offering schedule about their wide variety of products that G-Suite users should consider taking advantage of.

Keeping up to date with the latest technology trends and features to maximize your returns on software investments has plenty of additional benefits, like allowing you to anticipate changes and prepare for them early, and keeping your employees engaged with their work. If you’d like help managing your IT training and upkeep, contact TRINUS today, and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with our preferred IT education professionals.





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