Blog / The BIGGER They are … The BIGGER They are … The harder they fall – Botnet attack brings down DYN, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon Our story today – dear readers – begins innocently enough with a very simple virus that penetrated several Internet-enabled devices that still had the default manufacturer’s passwords.  These were dumb devices like printers, routers, security (IP) cameras, […] December 26, 2016
Blog / Turn It Off Turn it Off Powering down computers at the end of the day can save more than power. It used to be that we’d recommend that clients restart their computers at least once a week; many people wanted to leave their computers on for extended periods of time, especially if they had complex configurations or a […] December 21, 2016
Blog / More Printer Woes More Printer Woes MFP Devices Keeps Infecting Corporate Network With Crypto-wall Virus We received an unconfirmed report from a client that a U.S. corporation was having trouble eradicating a crypto-wall virus from their network despite a wholesale restore from backups and a thorough anti-virus inspection of the workstations. It was the gift that kept on […] December 19, 2016
Blog / Mission Accomplished! Mission Accomplished! Twenty Ft. McMurray fire victims to receive refurbished computers for Christmas. No one can forget the devastation and panic the fires in the Ft. McMurray region caused this past summer. 80,000 plus people fled the area to get away from the raging fires that engulfed the region.  Hundreds of homes were destroyed, there […] December 14, 2016
Blog / You Have Mail! You Have Mail! Canada Post SCAM leads to malware infection A client recently received an Email that appeared to be from Canada Post claiming that they had a package waiting for delivery.  It has the usual information about the delivery; ID number, date and time, and a payment amount.  There is even a link to […] December 12, 2016
Blog / The Devil You Know… The Devil You Know … IT Manager does malicious damage to local college You may have picked up on a recent news investigation report from CBC and others about the massive trouble at Norquest College.  It appears that back in February, 2013 a disgruntled IT Manager perpetrated two fraud schemes against senior staff as a backlash […] December 10, 2016
Blog / It’s BUDGET Time It’s BUDGET Time The leaves change colour and it’s time to start thinking about budgets. Many of our clients are municipalities who operate with a fiscal year and that coincides with the calendar year.  That means they need to start preparing budgets in the fall to insure their elected officials have time to review and […] September 10, 2016
Blog / Hackers Strike Another Unsuspecting Victim Hackers Strike Another Unsuspecting Victim Northern Alberta Municipality network is shutdown for up to 2 weeks. There has been a lot of (unwanted) media attention given recently to a municipality in Northern Alberta who has been fighting an intrusion into their network.  According to news reports the problems started back in July, but reached a […] August 31, 2016
Blog / I Need a REALLY BIG computer I Need a REALLY BIG computer There is more to document management than just scanning files We received a call the other day from a client asking for a REALLY BIG computer and a scanner.  Now, we’ll all for selling some gear to a client, but we asked a few more questions to dig in […] August 24, 2016
Blog / That BLACK BOX Can be Dangerous Servers and Racks are Ignored when Considering Security of Files and Data Most organizations with more than 10 employees have local servers to help organize, control and store corporate information. For the most part, these servers hum away in obscurity located in some dark corner of the office – or even a broom closet. Over […] August 05, 2016

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