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Best Practices: Remote and Home Office IT

Keeping your work safe and stress-free – Wherever you may be

Working From Home is a New Norm.

Nearly all daily Home Office operations and Remote tasks rely on a secure IT framework. That means certain measures need to be taken, in order to ensure a seamless transition. TRINUS is here to support you and help eliminate your stress, so that you can properly concentrate on your work.


This is also a prime time for cyber criminals. Security often takes the second place, when quick action is necessary. Additionally, many business owners aren’t aware of the threat, or underestimate it.

It is tempting to prioritize efficiency over Safety Protocols right now, but keeping your Remote IT Operations safe is in your very best interest. A potential breach could lead to collateral damage, data theft, legal liabilities, and a loss of trust from your clients – not to mention the additional time and effort of getting the system running again.

To ensure that your Cyber Security stays up to par, TRINUS offers remote Managed IT services and support.



At TRINUS, we know how important your IT is right now. Whether you are an existing customer or need a new IT partner, we take your concerns seriously. If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will find a Solution that helps you through the crisis.


Our services include:

  • Cloud Migration
  • Cyber Security
  • Managed IT Services
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

TRINUS can help.

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