Blog / Anti-virus Software is prone to attacks by the way it scans files for viruses We recently became aware of a bug in the Symantec EndPoint anti-virus software that makes it prone to virus attacks. The vulnerability is common to just about all versions of Symantec anti-virus products including Norton, EndPoint, Email, and SharePoint AV products. The vulnerability has to do with the way Symantec checks executable (exe) files for […] July 08, 2016
Blog / IMPORTANT: Crypto-Wall IMPORTANT INFORMATION It has come to our attention the number of clients who are being affected by the Crypto-Wall virus (AKA: Crypto-Locker or Ransomware) have all of a sudden jumped.  It is important that the users on your system understand the dangerous nature of this type of virus. Here are a few facts on the […] August 28, 2015
Blog / Informed and Warned! Google Indexing Personal Data Is Google Indexing your Personal Data? April 16th By Kevin White If you use a computer chances are that you also use Google to search for various things on a daily basis.  But what if someone else on the internet could use Google to search for your private information that you had once thought was […] April 16, 2015
Blog / Informed and Warned! Cryptowall Virus   Be aware of this new super virus. It’s called the Cryptowall 3.0 and it is out to do as much damage as possible. Read about it here!   Click here to go back to Business Solutions April 02, 2015

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