Blog / Deeply concerned about deep fakes? Deep fakes concept Here are two hundred million reasons why deep fakes are dangerous. Forgeries have been around for a long time, and we’re not talking about just fake signatures on false cheques. Back before everyone was carrying camera-phones around and uploading pictures to the internet, physical photos captured on film and developed in chemical baths were the […] February 27, 2024
Blog / Segregating Your Networks Visualization of segregated networks and how segregating your networks works When it comes to security and compliance, segregating your networks is a must. IT terminology can be daunting, but don’t worry, because computer networks aren’t; they’re simply groups of computers that communicate with each other. A network can range from just a few devices to fleets of hundreds and even thousands of computers, and they […] February 20, 2024
Blog / Are you skipping your network’s annual checkup? Network Failure You network may seem fine, but how can you be sure? Maintaining your health is important. For many of us, the bare minimum in staying healthy includes an annual checkup with your family doctor. If you’re anything like me this typically includes stomaching some bloodwork, a step on the scale, and a look in the […] February 08, 2024
Blog / Network Traffic Network traffic between computers Important differences between wired and wireless network traffic. When it comes to how computers communicate, most people outside of IT don’t understand the process. Sure we’ve all heard of routers and modems and even internet pipes, but who actually knows how those work? And even within the IT world there are many who don’t fully […] February 06, 2024
Blog / Is Your Organization Ready for Windows 11? Windows 11 upgrade prompt on desktop screen Hopefully so, because support for Windows 10 is ending. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that everyone was running Windows 7, and Windows 11 was a new, untested OS still working through it’s bugs. Of course, perspectives are subjective so whether you see an operating system (OS) as old or new will depend mostly on […] December 12, 2023
Blog / AI Capabilities Are Advancing Rapidly artificial intelligence and AI capabilities represented by polygonal brain Staying up-to-date about AI capabilities can help prevent nasty surprises. Recently I encouraged organizations to consider addressing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in their policies. At the time the capabilities of readily available AI systems were limited to text generation and answering questions. But of course we’re talking about computers, technology rapidly advances, and […] November 14, 2023
Blog / Cheaper technology means less security The evolution of cameras as an example of cheaper technology As devices evolve, cheaper technology is leaving some vulnerable. As technology advances, what used to be cutting edge becomes commonplace and unmoving. Take cameras, for example. They used to be specialized and expensive, the sort of things only businesses and professionals used. Then came personal cameras like those touristy yellow-block Kodaks and the now famous […] October 17, 2023
Blog / Cloud vs. Onsite Servers A wireframe mockup of the cloud server farms used by providers What are the pros and cons of cloud servers as opposed to onsite ones? Cloud servers and services have long been touted as the ultimate server solution for both individuals and businesses. For one, their upfront costs are substantially lower than buying a server, and for another they come with their own infrastructure (a secured […] August 22, 2023
Blog / How much life does your computer hardware have left? old computer hardware in need of replacement Waiting for computer hardware to break is bad replacement policy. Although it’s rarely top-of-mind at the time, we all typically consider how long a product will last, even if we never calculate a precise time length or put it into words. That’s all fine and dandy for private life, but it’s a different story when […] August 15, 2023
Blog / Is your new hardware compatible with your environment? Planning ahead will help you avoid significant issues. The first part of any change project is planning what needs to be done, including the materials needed, additional fees or licenses that need to be paid, and any modifications to your existing setup to make it all work. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting in a […] July 11, 2023

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