Back To School

Back to School has been a major season in the computer industry for years now but this year is gearing up to be the biggest year ever. Gone are the days of University students being the only people in need of a new laptop or tablet for their studies.  Students all the way down to Grade 4 in some areas are now using technology for learning on a daily basis in the classroom.

The practicality of younger students using laptops and tablets in the classroom has been hotly debated over the past couple of years. Many argue that providing students with an internet connection during school hours will only result in the playing of games and “wasting of time”;  while the argument has merit it is up to the teacher to properly police the use of connected devices by students. The benefits to a connected classroom however are numerous.  Students will learn critical computer skills at an unprecedented young age setting them up for life in the digital age.  Students can more easily collaborate on school projects, submit assignments to their instructors, and perform pertinent research for projects and assignments.  Students can even take virtual field trips and use their text books on the laptop without needing to carry heavy books.

If you are a student (or a parent of a student) in school throughout the Parkland School Division, you will notice this year that most classrooms starting in Grade 4 and moving all the way to Grade 9 will begin using tablets, laptops, or ChromeBooks on a daily basis as the primary learning tool in the classroom.  The school division in Parkland County has left it to the students to provide their own device to fill this roll. In turn most schools are supplying traditional school supplies for students with smart devices at little or no cost in an attempt to help offset the cost of the smart device itself.  This leaves the door almost wide open for students and parents to pick a device of their choosing, provided it supports the Google Doc’s Cloud system.

Not sure which device is best for you or your child? Visit or call Trinus Computer Centre and have a computing expert assist you in making sense of it all.

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Windows 10


As you may know, Microsoft is releasing a new desktop Operating System (O/S) on July 29, 2015, called Windows 10. There are purported to be many advantages to this O/S  over the current Windows 7 or 8 that you use now.  Another significant advantage is that Windows 10 will be free of charge to existing Windows 7 and 8 users who have a legitimate Windows license key.  This offer will be open for 1 year from the initial release date. This is an upgrade that may be applicable to your desktop, laptop, and tablet computers.

Trinus is recommending caution when considering an upgrade to Windows 10, especially for early adopters.  While Microsoft claims that the upgrade will be seamless there are bound to be minor (and possibly major) issues that will need to be ironed out before widespread adoption of the new operating system is recommended. Simple things like Printers, Accounting Software, and Anti-Virus Software may not be initially compatible with Windows 10 for the first few months of its rollout. This caution is especially important for any companies using computers in their business as the upgrade may break certain business essential functionality until updates and patches are provided down the line.

There is a concern about the method Microsoft is using to roll out Windows 10.  It is appearing now as an icon in the “system tray” in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.  It looks like a Windows logo and when hovering over it with your mouse it says “Get Windows 10”. Not all users see this icon. Clicking on this icon will reserve a copy of Windows 10 for you.  A few days before the July 29th release date, the Windows 10 files will be downloaded to your computer in preparation for the upgrade process on July 29th.

Trinus is recommending that you do NOT click on the Windows 10 upgrade icon; there will be very little control over the upgrade process and you may be forced into an upgrade that would be difficult to roll back. It may also negatively impact your available Internet speed and bandwidth.

After Windows 10 has matured over a few months and many of the major kinks have been ironed out Trinus will then begin to recommend that you upgrade your device(s) to the newer operating system.

Upgrading the operating system on a modern device can turn out to be far more complicated than advertised, if you require assistance performing the upgrade to Windows 10 or if you would like advice on whether Windows 10 is right for you, Trinus will be providing full migration services to ensure the upgrade on your device is handled as smoothly as possible.

If you have any questions about Windows 10 or when to upgrade please contact the Trinus Computer Centre at 780-968-1333.

If you would like to see what is different about Windows 10, feel free to stop by our Computer Centre anytime as we have a couple of displays running a preview of Windows 10 for you to try out and interact with.

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