Blog / The Tax Man cometh The Tax Man cometh Same old scam looks like a notice about a tax credit As someone who has worked in the business world for several decades, I’ve had the occasional visit from CRA – the Canada Revenue Agency (aka: the Tax Man). None of the visits were to present me with a refund cheque, […] June 22, 2017
Blog / It’s the Government, Man! It’s the Government, Man! Government of Canada issue warnings about the Internet of Things Devices I’m old enough to remember the Hippies of the 60’s – although I was a bit young to really understand what was going on.  It was a time when the Baby Boomers were into their teens and early 20s – […] June 14, 2017
Blog / Keep your Smartphone Clean Keep your Smartphone Clean Forgotten APPs collect on your phone long after their usefulness I am attending a conference this week in Grande Prairie.  It’s a chance to meet several clients and discuss their IT needs away from the busyness of their offices.  We attend about 1/2 dozen conferences each year.  This year, the organizers […] June 09, 2017
Blog / ZIP It! ZIP It! Popular File Archive format is a dangerous Email attachment In high school, I had one colourful teacher who was a bit rough around the edges.  She was a good teacher, but she had a blue-collar way of speaking that left her students wondering where they were – the classroom or the warehouse loading […] June 01, 2017
Blog / Hasta la vista, baby Hasta la vista, baby An easy way to create great passwords that are tough to crack Who doesn’t remember Arnold’s famous phrase from Terminator 2: Judgement Day. It’s not high art, but it is iconic. Arnold used it frequently during his political career. Sir Lawrence Olivier could never deliver a line like that.  But, is […] May 24, 2017
Blog / WannaCry Cryptoware Virus WannaCry Cryptoware Virus Latest Cryptoware virus uses familiar methods to attack computers globally I haven’t been back from vacation for much more than a week, and already I have lots to write about. The most recent fixation in the computer world is the WannCry virus. May 16, 2017
Blog / More Travel Woes – right from the comfort of your own home More Travel Woes – right from the comfort of your own home Latest Email SCAM targets unsuspecting travelers who use online airline check-in My Dad worked for airlines for most of his adult life; Air Canada and Pacific Western Airlines. Employees got a PERC of free airline passes (4 per year) for travel anywhere the […] April 07, 2017
Blog / Geek Travel Kit Geek Travel Kit What to take with you on your next trip to stay in touch During my last trip overseas, I found myself lugging around lots of overweight luggage. When it came to lifting my luggage, the look of the check-in agents at the airports was always the same – disdain.  I didn’t think […] March 29, 2017
Blog / Tales from the Jungle Tales from the Jungle How we take our pervasive technology for grantedI have returned! As many of you know, I spent the past 2-plus weeks traveling to – and working with – a client in Papua New Guinea. It’s not our normal sort of IT and Network support work, but rather training and enhancements to […] March 22, 2017
Blog / Travel Plans Travel Plans SmartPhones and Laptops can be examined at border crossings I am getting ready for some overseas travel next week, and as it’s a business trip that involves technology, I am taking a lot of it with me – 2 laptops, a tablet, and of course my SmartPhone. There was a timely information segment […] March 02, 2017

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