Blog / Keep your Smartphone Clean Keep your Smartphone Clean Forgotten APPs collect on your phone long after their usefulness I am attending a conference this week in Grande Prairie.  It’s a chance to meet several clients and discuss their IT needs away from the busyness of their offices.  We attend about 1/2 dozen conferences each year.  This year, the organizers […] June 09, 2017
Blog / ZIP It! ZIP It! Popular File Archive format is a dangerous Email attachment In high school, I had one colourful teacher who was a bit rough around the edges.  She was a good teacher, but she had a blue-collar way of speaking that left her students wondering where they were – the classroom or the warehouse loading […] June 01, 2017
Blog / Hasta la vista, baby Hasta la vista, baby An easy way to create great passwords that are tough to crack Who doesn’t remember Arnold’s famous phrase from Terminator 2: Judgement Day. It’s not high art, but it is iconic. Arnold used it frequently during his political career. Sir Lawrence Olivier could never deliver a line like that.  But, is […] May 24, 2017
Blog / WannaCry Cryptoware Virus WannaCry Cryptoware Virus Latest Cryptoware virus uses familiar methods to attack computers globally I haven’t been back from vacation for much more than a week, and already I have lots to write about. The most recent fixation in the computer world is the WannCry virus. May 16, 2017
Blog / More Travel Woes – right from the comfort of your own home More Travel Woes – right from the comfort of your own home Latest Email SCAM targets unsuspecting travelers who use online airline check-in My Dad worked for airlines for most of his adult life; Air Canada and Pacific Western Airlines. Employees got a PERC of free airline passes (4 per year) for travel anywhere the […] April 07, 2017
Blog / Geek Travel Kit Geek Travel Kit What to take with you on your next trip to stay in touch During my last trip overseas, I found myself lugging around lots of overweight luggage. When it came to lifting my luggage, the look of the check-in agents at the airports was always the same – disdain.  I didn’t think […] March 29, 2017
Blog / Tales from the Jungle Tales from the Jungle How we take our pervasive technology for grantedI have returned! As many of you know, I spent the past 2-plus weeks traveling to – and working with – a client in Papua New Guinea. It’s not our normal sort of IT and Network support work, but rather training and enhancements to […] March 22, 2017
Blog / Travel Plans Travel Plans SmartPhones and Laptops can be examined at border crossings I am getting ready for some overseas travel next week, and as it’s a business trip that involves technology, I am taking a lot of it with me – 2 laptops, a tablet, and of course my SmartPhone. There was a timely information segment […] March 02, 2017
Blog / Hot Potato! Hot Potato! Regular backups are a necessary evil that no one wants to deal with By far the most common question/complaint we get when talking to clients concerns backups. It’s almost universally accepted that they need to be done, but few want the responsibility of taking care of them. February 22, 2017
Blog / TRINUS is a Proud Participant in the Stony Plain & Spruce Grove Chambers of Commerce M-2-M Discount Programs By participating in the respective Spruce Grove and Stony Plain & District Chambers of Commerce Member-2-Member Discount Programs, Parkland County business owners and their employees enjoy special savings and discounts offered by the companies affiliated to them. During challenging economic times, it is more important than ever to find innovative and economical solutions to reward […] February 16, 2017

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