Blog / Social Media – What’s the Fuss? Social Media – What’s the Fuss? Taking a look at Social Media from a Manager’s Perspective Our Marketing Supervisor Chris Penn has been attending a Social Media Summer School in Spruce Grove for the past 8 weeks,  The 3-hour sessions were held every Wednesday morning and  attended by 4 to 6 students in each class.  I sat in on […] August 18, 2017
Blog / The NEW Cloud The NEW Cloud Next Generation of Cloud Providers may be in your Neighbourhood This August, Intel announced a new generation of server processors and related products.  You have to be very geeky to get excited about this – and at Trinus we are. There are some big changes coming to new servers in the areas […] August 14, 2017
Blog / Your New Security Guard Your New Security Guard Organizations can benefit from a Holistic Approach to Cyber Security. I indicated last time that I had returned from holidays this week.  And while true, I wanted to include one more article from Karl Buckley, our Cyber Security Supervisor – as his submission this week is a follow-up to one previously […] August 05, 2017
Blog / RSS Feeds RSS Feeds Rich Site Summary is a way to filter large amounts of website data into a concise summary. Today I wanted to share a tool that you may not be aware of: They are called RSS feeds. RSS stands for “Rich Site Summary” and it’s a way to get updates and notifications from websites […] July 27, 2017
Blog / Hiding Viruses Inside of Files Hiding Viruses Inside of Files Why are some file formats more dangerous that others? You often hear about the dangers of opening attachments in your email. The problem is that nobody bothers to explain exactly WHY this is dangerous. “Oh you could get a virus” sure that explains WHAT could happen, but not WHY. I […] July 20, 2017
Blog / Cyber-Awareness and Cyber-Bullying Bullying is real. It exists and it happens. This is a fact that most people accept and understand. "Cyber-Bullying" is just as real and happens (probably more than you might think) July 13, 2017
Blog / Travel Plans Travel Plans SmartPhones and Laptops can be examined at border crossings I am getting ready for some overseas travel next week, and as it’s a business trip that involves technology, I am taking a lot of it with me – 2 laptops, a tablet, and of course my SmartPhone. There was a timely information segment […] March 02, 2017
Blog / Hot Potato! Hot Potato! Regular backups are a necessary evil that no one wants to deal with By far the most common question/complaint we get when talking to clients concerns backups. It’s almost universally accepted that they need to be done, but few want the responsibility of taking care of them. February 22, 2017
Blog / If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It Lack of proactive maintenance and replacements hits client hard My Dad always believed in preventative car maintenance.  Not only did he want to insure we had a good vehicle to use, he also loved to tinker with cars at the local garage. I got to tag along. This […] February 09, 2017
Blog / Be Prepared! Be Prepared! Contrasting approaches to Virus Countermeasures Impact Operations for 2 Clients I remember attending Boy Scouts as a youth.  The motto Be Prepared was drilled into us every week.  To reinforce it, they taught us lessons on how to build a campfire and cook over it, how to tie knots properly, and other skills […] February 06, 2017

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