Blog / The Microchip Shortage is Becoming a Major Problem Semi-conductor news ticker about shortage affecting managed IT companies As you may know, there is currently a serious global semiconductor shortage. Semiconductors are an important input for microchips, and so are subsequently causing a computer microchip shortage. Unsurprisingly the culprit was COVID, which not only caused and continues to force temporary plant shutdowns, but also drove much of the modern world economy to work from […] July 02, 2021
Blog / Managed IT Services vs. Staff Augmentation Staff augmentation by managed IT services As computer and information technology continues to advance and expand, more jobs are being pushed online or taking on an online component. This means more password resets, more security risks, and more onboarding and hiring expenses. As a result, businesses without managed IT services can become reliant on increasingly expensive IT departments to keep running. […] June 28, 2021
Blog / 6 Tips for Better Data Management A few weeks ago we cleared the air about the difference between data redundancy and database redundancy. There was a lot that was covered but the basics boil down to data redundancy referring to unnecessarily duplicated records that can cause problems with data quality, while database redundancy refers to multiple intentional backups of your entire database for security and […] June 17, 2021
Blog / Wired vs Wireless Connections As one of the leading managed IT service providers in Western Canada, we field a lot of technical questions every day. We’re firm believers that there’s no such thing as a stupid IT question, since asking questions is a great way to learn. This week we decided to focus on one of the questions we […] June 14, 2021
Blog / Finding efficiencies in I.T. for SMBs Efficiency is a serious issue for small businesses, especially new startups looking to establish themselves in the market. It’s critical that costs be kept in line and resources are used to their fullest extent. Waste and even tiny inefficiencies can mean the difference between becoming a success or becoming a statistic about SMB failure rates. […] May 31, 2021
Blog / Building and curating your knowledge base A few weeks ago we looked at some of the benefits of keeping a knowledge base about your company and its products/services. These online repositories can be for internal or external use (or both), and are great for streamlining employee training or providing easy self-serve technical help for clients. But there’s no point in extolling […] May 17, 2021
Blog / 4 Reasons You Need a Collaboration Solution There’s no perfect substitute for collaborating with teammates face-to-face, but you can come close with the right software. Collaboration software is about connecting employees over the internet to allow them to work together in digital spaces. It usually includes a combination of file sharing, communications tools, and project management features. Many businesses had already adopted […] May 06, 2021
Blog / The Benefits of Building a Knowledge Base Information is power! Okay, we admit that’s a click bait headline, but it’s also true, albeit in a more mundane fashion. Information is indeed power, though in this case, it’s power to reduce costs while improving efficiency and helping ensure consistent delivery of services. Of course, we’re not talking about just any information—few businesses really […] May 03, 2021

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