Three Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing Business

Blog / Three Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing Business

Here’s how being an early adopter of AI may help your business

While most estimates put widespread deployment of truly aware artificial intelligence as still several years (if not decades) away, the effects of research and development in this area are already being felt. In fact, the Harvard Business Review recently released an in-depth article about how AI is ready to transform business in the near future. Here are three ways their experts say AI can already be valuable even though the technology is still maturing.

  • Data Analysis
  • Process Automation
  • Enhanced Engagement

AI-Driven Data Analysis

Data analysis has always been integral to business operations, but AI-driven analytics can offer deeper insights into trends by analyzing large data sets. Typically AIs will be “trained” on a partial subset of data before being fed detailed and data-rich sets for analysis. These kind of intense analytics have already proven valuable for real-time credit fraud detection and identifying safety issues for automobile manufacturers, though using AI analysis for predicting customer purchases and automating your advertising personalization may be more useful applications for SMBs and municipalities.

Innovative and Improved Process Automation

While the value AIs can bring to data analysis may seem obvious, the majority of R&D in AI development has actually been in the area of process automation. This is where competitive advantages and new efficiencies and cost-savings can be found. Known as robotic process automation (RPAs), these AIs are among the least smart but easiest to implement, and often immediately begin providing a tangible ROI. For example, they’ve proven valuable for updating customer records by automatically extracting information from emails and call centre records without human intervention

Enhanced Engagement

AI chatbots and avatars haven’t exactly proven themselves to companies or the public at large. Even tech giants like Meta have been hesitant to turn their customer relations over to AI, and for good reason. The majority of their interactions wind up requiring human intervention in the end, but not until the client has already been frustrated. That hasn’t stopped them from testing the technology on their own employees before deploying them though. AI chatbots are increasingly being found inside organizations, helping employees locate information and providing technical support.

Even though artificial intelligence isn’t quite yet ready for the public at large, forward-thinking organizations may want to consider the advantages current generation machine learning and AI systems can provide. If you’re interested in discussing deploying AI and the IT needed to support it, contact TRINUS today to discuss how we can help make your IT stress-free.




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