Blog / Helping Ft. McMurray Fire Evacuees

We asking our clients to donate computers that have reached end-of-life for their organizations. We will refurbish them and pass them on to the victims free-of-charge.

We need computers that still have functional life left in them, but no longer serve a useful purpose in your organization; laptops, desktops, monitors, keyboards and mice. We also need the companion Windows (XP, 7, or 8) license key. In many cases, this is on a sticker located on the side or bottom of the computer (Dell, HP, or Lenovo for example). Otherwise, it may be on a certificate that came with the computer.

If you can get these units to us, we will prepare them by secure-wiping the hard drive, re-installing and activating the Windows license, and adding some free productivity software (like OpenOffice).  
We think the need for computers will follow sometime after the immediate requirements for food, clothing, and shelter.  Thus, while donations of this type are currently not being accepted by the relief agencies, we will find a appropriate agency in the future who can accept and distribute these computers responsibly. Our time frame is to deliver these computers by the end of July.

It might be a small thing, but we think it’s the best way for us to have the most impact.

Will you help us help others?


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