Cam Dyck Owner, Dyck Insurance

After some time looking for an IT company we could trust, we sat down with Jon and Kevin from TRINUS. They pitched us their Business Plan for our office of 35 staff, and we decided to move ahead with them. Best decision we could have made; integrity, work ethic, reliance, and relationships has been the best way I can describe what we get from them. We feel our clients’ personal data is safe, and they are always there when we need them.

Here's how we did it

Dyck Insurance has been a client of TRINUS since late 2018. Initially, our Network Assessment discovered a site with an aging network infrastructure and several workstations reaching end-of-life. To fit their long-term upgrade plans, TRINUS started by implementing a new network infrastructure with a Host server, high speed switches, firewall, and backup system. We then started a gradual replacement of workstations and laptops; especially those using Windows 7, which reached end-of-life in January 2020. When the pandemic forced a shutdown of their main office in late March 2020, they migrated most of their staff to Remote Work-From-Home locations. But the nature of their business required them to use specialized Insurance Industry software, which did not work well over a standard Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. TRINUS implemented a Remote Desktop Server (RDS) environment on the new infrastructure, preconfigured with additional capacity and storage. Within a matter of a few hours, we were able to connect most Home Users to their critical applications and data, which enabled staff to process Insurance renewals and claims, just as if they were in the office. Our comprehensive Fix-Cost PREFERRED Support Agreement with them allows their users to access our HelpDesk at no additional charge, to troubleshoot and resolve home-connection and equipment problems.

Laptop - Backup and Disaster Recovery

Do yourself a favour and use TRINUS; your I.T. headaches will be gone. On a side note, we would not have been able to operate through the COVID pandemic, if it wasn’t for their knowable staff and quick action to get our team set up remotely.

– Cam Dyck.

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TRINUS is proud to partner with industry leaders for both hardware and software who reflect our values of reliability, professionalism and client-focused service.