Time to start planning to upgrade to Windows 11

Blog / Time to start planning to upgrade to Windows 11

Windows 10 end of life is approaching.

Software may not be able to literally die, but software end-0f-life is a real thing.  That means the organization that originally created it will no longer be improving or patching it. No more updates, no more support, nothing. This applies to operating systems as well most other software applications and sure enough, it was recently announced that Windows 10 will no longer receive any more major updates.

That’s great because it means for the rest of its life Windows 10 should be much more stable and cause less issues. When will Windows 10 come to its end of life? It is on October 14, 2025. The year 2025 may seem like a long time in the future, but is slightly longer than 2 years away actually that far away? In terms of budgeting or planning for the project, it’s not.

What does upgrading to Windows 11 actually mean?

Upgrading your operating system is a big deal. Among the many, many things that need to get done, these are the items that need to be finished before you even start the upgrade process:

  • Make sure ALL your software is compatible.
  • Confirm that your licensing is still applicable.
  • Make sure all the systems with important software are fully backed up.

Starting the plan for this move now means you won’t need to panic later especially since many laws and regulations like PIPA, PIPEDA and PCI-DSS outright ban software that’s past its end-of-life. It’s also worth mentioning that upgrading the OS on a machine is never a small deal. Even though upgrading from Windows 10 to 11 is free, it will go much smoother if you plan things ahead of time.

If you’d like help upgrading or planning for an upgrade, contact a TRINUS professional today and get some stress-free IT upgrades.

For this newsletter I’ll take a quote from Henry VI, Part 2: “Let’s kill all the lawyers.”


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