Outsourcing IT Support During Labour Shortages

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Outsourced IT support is useful when qualified personnel are hard to find.

As the economy slowly recovers in the wake of the pandemic, many business owners are again struggling with employment concerns. It’s not a labour glut resulting from shutdowns though; this time many industries are experiencing a shortage of qualified employees.

Labour shortages aren’t new, although they often tend to strike individual industries rather than economies on the whole. For example, sky-high oil prices forced Canadian energy companies to rely on temporary foreign workers as far back as 2014, but that shortage was virtually exclusive to Alberta’s oil industry. This time, it seems almost every sector is facing recruitment and retention problems. It’s too early to say for sure what’s different, but fallout from the pandemic is likely.

Regardless of their cause, labour shortages don’t necessarily have to be a challenge for businesses. Instead, they can be a great opportunity to review your exact requirements and find new efficiencies, particularly when it comes to your office IT support. Although there are some advantages you may be benefitting from by keeping an internal IT department, few (if any) will be realized if you can’t keep it staffed.

That’s where outsourcing your IT support to a managed services provider like TRINUS comes in. Some of the best known reasons for outsourcing IT support include reduced costs, improved security, and access to cutting-edge technology and expertise. However, there are two other benefits that are particularly valuable during labour shortages: reliability, and reduced onboarding and staffing costs.

First, IT providers focus exclusively on IT, and thus can provide more reliability than in-house personnel. You don’t have to worry about your IT provider calling in sick or quitting unexpectedly and leaving you in a lurch, particularly during shortages. Even when it’s difficult for businesses to hire qualified technicians, IT providers keep enough personnel to keep you running smoothly. Using a managed services provider means you don’t have to put important IT tasks off when someone calls in sick. In fact you don’t even have to worry about your IT tasks at all.

And then of course there are the additional cost savings. Beyond the obvious savings thanks to reduced payroll costs, outsourcing your IT means you don’t have to worry about onboarding or training. It also means no more wasted time pouring over resumes and performing interviews, or worse, canvassing for resumes in the midst of a shortage. That means more time for you to focus on more valuable tasks, like staffing your non-IT positions that keep business operations running smoothly

There are plenty of other benefits to outsourcing your IT, and we encourage you to read up on them if you haven’t already. If you’re facing IT support problems during this shortage, contact TRINUS today and one of our experts will be happy to help.




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