Meltdown & Specter, Jan 23 – Your Friendly Neighbourhood Cyberman

Blog / Meltdown & Specter, Jan 23 – Your Friendly Neighbourhood Cyberman

Intel released an Advisory, telling people not to install the current patches for Meltdown & Specter.

Over the past week or so I have seen news articles about people experiencing Blue screens, Reboot issues and Heavy Performance impacts. It didn’t seem like there were a lot (considering that the changes made were part of the underlying OS behaviour), but according to Intel, the amount of failures that they are seeing is “Higher than expected.”

Because they are seeing patches fail more then they were expecting, their official recommendation has become not to install the current patches.

Microsoft doesn’t appear to have pulled the patches, as they are still available. The Microsoft patches are based on recommendations given by Intel and based on their chip design. Overall, it seems like these fixes work fine for a great many people. However, the potential problem is that if you install those patches, you may be putting them into a situation where you can’t simply remove them.

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