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We’ve got a few last minute gadget gift ideas for the techie on your list.

Considering it’s the most wonderful time of the year and the holidays are in full swing, we wanted to take this chance to get into the spirit of the season. To that end, we decided it was high time for our own list of great gadget gifts ideas. Not only is it fun to say great gadget gifts again and again, but our list has the distinction of being both fun and useful for the high-tech people on your list. Don’t get us wrong; bluetooth beanies and high-end headphones are sure to please, but let’s face it, they’re on every other gift list every year (and not to be a scrooge but why would you need to buy a new headset every year if they’re so good?).

  • Custom LED Keyboard and Mouse
  • Portable Monitors
  • Portable Power Bank
  • Lap Desk
  • Standing Mat

One caveat; techies can be touchy about their technology and often like it their way, so we’ve kept things brand-free and are trying to give you ideas rather than promote actual products (and no one’s getting any kickbacks, we promise). Now, onward with the list!

Custom LED Keyboard and Mouse

If you’ve been gifted with the unrivalled joy of having a techie in your life, you’ve no doubt heard about the many different brands and types of keyboards out there (possibly many times). In our defense, a good keyboard really does make all the difference. There’s little more satisfying in life than the highspeed clickety-clack 0f keys spilling out code across the screen almost faster than you can type it. So putting together a tricked-out custom keyboard is almost certainly going to light up the eyes of any techie in your life, especially if it includes LED lights. Even if they’re a power coder instead of a gamer, fancy colour-changing keyboards are just plain fun. One caveat though; techies can be picky about keyboards, so be sure to do your research first lest your thoughtful gift fall flat, and don’t forget about the companion mouse.

Portable Monitors

Laptops are already an incredibly convenient portable computing option, so extending their capabilities with additional screen room seems like a logical next step. In fact, portable monitors and other screen extensions aren’t particularly new, but they’ve recently begun stepping out of their infancy and into the mainstream. Not only does every major monitor manufacturer already have at least one in their product line, but more models and styles are appearing faster than ever. Regardless of whether you just need extra screen real estate or want to give exceptional presentations to clients or any other reason you can think of, a portable monitor is sure to please.

Portable Power

Staying on the portable theme for a bit, a high-quality portable power bank is always a good bet for passionately technological people. They’re the perfect solution to an increasingly common problem; there’s never a charging station around when you need one (and this despite their increasing frequency in malls, airports, and other public places). There are plenty of different models for different settings depending on where their work takes them and what they’re used for; running high-tech gear in the field may call for a full-fledged portable power bank, but smaller recharging batteries are great for techs on the go in the city.

Lap Desk

Whether working on the go or just getting a little more comfy while working from home thanks to a mild cough that’s probably just allergies but you’re being safe, a lap desk is the perfect accessory. Heck, you don’t even need to be into IT to have a use for one. In fact, lap desks have been around a lot longer than you might think. Of course nowadays they come with non-slip surfaces for phones and pads, mesh-fabric ventilation and other high-tech features, making them great for working from home, on the plane, or anywhere else you need.

Standing Mat

For those who prefer to stand instead of sit when you work from homeĀ  (it really is better for you), a sturdy standing mat may be just the thing the health-conscious IT professional is looking for. They’re pretty much what they sound like: a plastic/rubber mat for standing on while working at a standing desk (which is another great idea although they can be a bit pricey), and provide added comfort throughout the day. Many are considered anti-fatigue mats, meaning they’ve been designed and shaped to promote shifting your stance and feet to make standing while working easier and even more beneficial.

That about wraps it up for our pick of great gadget gifts you can get for the techies in your life. And, as always, if you need professionally managed IT services for your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience.




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