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IT Management

it management IT Services

IT Services

Is your IT staff overloaded with work? Do you need a strategic plan for your IT infrastructure but can’t afford a full time IT manager? Why not hire us? Trinus offers remote IT management for your organization, IT planning, and a variety of management and supplemental maintenance services. We can even attend your staff meetings.

Tech Support

tech support IT ServicesTrouble connecting to the Internet? E-mail stuffed with SPAM? We are a phone call or email away. Even if you are hundreds of kilometers from us, we can guide you through any IT crisis.

Software and Hardware Supply

watercooling IT ServicesNeed a bigger monitor? Computer too slow for your taste? Require a more reliable server? Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8? We can find the best deals for you. See our products page.

Network Audit and Upgrade

network audit IT ServicesDoes your server room look like a plate of spaghetti with all the tangled network cables? Do you know if your staff is accessing inappropriate content or downloading movies in the office? Trinus can perform a detailed audit of your corporate network and produce a document outlining the critical next steps for reducing your risk.