Trinus Technologies Inc.

About Trinus

Trinus is a technology company that was opened in 1998 by three partners: Dave White, Sharrell Jespersen, and Lorne Jespersen; thus the name Trinus Technologies Inc. With only over a dozen employees, Trinus has gone global in reach: providing analytical training in Hong Kong, setting up strategic U.S. partnerships, and garnering software partners as far as South Africa.

Are you confused about computers and networks? Is your small-business technology plan written on the back of a napkin? Are you plagued by network slowdowns and lost productivity? Do important business documents disappear from your computer system? 


We have fully-qualified technicians that can troubleshoot and repair almost ANY computer problem in Alberta.
We are one of Dell’s largest independent DirectPartners in western Canada. And, we understand the latest technology BLING and its benefits.

We also believe in building long-term relationships. For 15 years, we have been listening to, understanding, and resolving real-world business problems with appropriate technology. It’s all about increasing productivity, streamlining operations, and managing risk. It doesn’t matter if you have one computer or 50 in your business; you need a business-based application of technology coupled with ongoing business-class support.

Pick up the phone or drop us an email, and tell us how we can help your business. At Trinus, we love our customers.


People Behind Trinus

Kim Croker

    Kim, also known as “Hawk Eye” (no not the MASH one) is our Office Manager. She can regularly be observed scanning our Outlook calendars, comparing it to the “in/out board,” and taking us down when we lose credit card receipts. Nothing gets past her – which is why things run so smoothly.

    Kim About

    Adrian Iovan

      Happy and easy-going in nature, Adrian comes from a serious anti-tank military officer background that would put the Men in Black to shame. He has mellowed down a bit but is still serious when it comes to keeping your network and internet connection in tip-top shape.

      Adrian About

      Linda Jespersen

        Linda is all action with requests bursting from every corner of the office. With tasks ranging from balancing spreadsheets to investigation management support, Linda probably knows more secrets about the company than L.A. Confidential.

        Linda About

        Sharrell Jespersen

          Sharrell is our CEO, Human Resources Coordinator, part time Office Manager, office meetings Chair, and any other role that we can squeeze into her day. Everyone loves Sharrell because she gives out presents on the 15th and 30th of every month!

          Sharrell About

          Barry Kennedy

            Barry, better known by his second name “Black-Barry ”, is our no nonsense IT technician and support expert. If you need an IT job “done”, Barry is your main man!

            Barry About

            Michael Jettkant

              Michael is the happy face in our Computer Centre. From back to school to high performance gaming computers, he can help you find your perfect setup. He is no priest, but he sure can battle unholy viruses.

              Mike About

              Bindu Kumar

                Perhaps you have heard of the “Terminator.” Well, Bindu is our computer system bug “Exterminator”. Make room for him when he responds to your IT support and installation requirements – your system will purr like a fine tuned engine once Bindu’s surgical IT hands finish the task.

                Bindu About

                Stu Penner

                  Stu has been a programmer for Trinus Technologies for 6 years and counting. His day consists of mostly crunching numbers. You could say he loves Java because while programming with it, he can’t stop drinking it either! Check out his new wheels; we don’t call him “Studebaker ” for nothing.

                  stu penner About

                  Katie Slivorski

                    Katie may not be a lawyer, but she sure can prosecute viruses and defend all our client servers from murderous attacks. She can also counsel tons and tons of hardware boxes without losing a single shipment. An import from Wisconsin, this cheese whiz blends well with our Alberta beef techie burgers.

                    Katie About

                    Bradyn Wendorff

                      Bradyn’s favourite part of working in the IT industry is dealing with security and vulnerabilities, which may be obvious considering he is a Certified Ethical Hacker. If you’re concerned about network security at your company, Bradyn is the man for the job.

                      Bradyn About

                      Dave White

                        Dave is the General Manager for Trinus. A professional businessman: calm, cool, and collected is his usual manner, with an uncanny likeness to “Monk” – no, the TV character and not the zealot! Although the hair style does fit?

                        Dave About

                        Kevin White

                          If you dig the cool graphics in Inception, then you will enjoy what Kevin has to offer. From high end video editing and gaming machines to diagnosing computer problems, your hardware is in good hands. No need to fear another Titanic sized disaster.

                          Kevin About