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Interrupted vacation? TRINUS Cloud extends the office beyond your office walls.


Job at risk? TRINUS Cyber-Security keeps your files safe.

Managed IT

Guilt trip? TRINUS Managed IT simplifies budget woes.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Back up against the wall? TRINUS has your backup.

Home & Personal

Keepsakes kept safe? TRINUS keeps your family safely together.

Blog / Oh Well... Bitcoin Miners Gamble on the Digital Currency Market I remember growing up in a big house in Vancouver.  Two stories plus a walk-out basement and lots of room for a young family grow up in. My Dad worked for TCA (now Air Canada) and in 1964 he was transferred to Edmonton to open a fledgling air-freight office. March 21, 2018
Blog / You Get What You Pay For! - Bargain-basement Computers May Not be a Bargain after all. I was speaking to our Retail Store Manager Mike Jettkant a few days ago.  Mike has been managing the TRINUS Computer Center for a number of years. From the store, we service and support home users, home-based small businesses and selected small businesses in the Parkland County region; March 15, 2018
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TRINUS is proud to partner with Industry Leaders for both hardware and software who reflect our values of reliability, professionalism and Client-focused service.