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I spent some time yesterday with a long-time client explaining the various systems, programs, and subscriptions they have for their IT systems. They are doing budget planning for 2018. Their site is not overly complex (2 servers, 3 locations and about 20 users), but even I was surprised at the number of recurring programs and subscriptions they had to maintain for their IT infrastructure:

  • Watchguard Firewall subscriptions for dynamic filtering and protection; one for each site
  • Trend Micro anti-virus on each workstation
  • Multi-domain SSL Certificate to authenticate encrypted Exchange Email communications
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • DNS Hosting services
  • Managed Email Gateways for store-and-forward and dynamic SPAM filtering
  • Server monitoring and monthly Windows’ server updates
  • UPS batteries that need to be replaced every 2 or 3 years

Eight recurring services that need to be renewed or managed, and each has a different term and set of conditions. As we went through the list, it was also obvious that each performed a specific function that was vital to maintaining and protecting their IT infrastructure.

Well, it was obvious to us as their IT provider, but I’m sure the client was not convinced that all of this was necessary.  I have to sympathize with them, as some of the services and subscriptions are highly technical and difficult to understand (Multi-Domain SSL Certificate for example).

The parallel between their ongoing IT Services and my medications is striking; each is required to maintain good health – IT or physical.  I will let you connect more dots between the two.

So, what is the IT equivalent to the blister-packs? The answer is IT Managed Services.  I offered the client the opportunity to encapsulate all of their recurring subscriptions, services, and support into a single monthly fixed cost.  In other words, their IT Management would become our responsibility “no matter what“. Even if the cost was the same, the value of not having to worry about missed expiry dates or comparing monthly vs. annual subscription programs, is well worth the switch.

Just as long as we both keep taking our Meds.

Please contact me if you would like more information about Managed IT Services.

Dave White