At Trinus Technologies, we’re all about computing with a personal touch. That’s why we make it a point to stock the latest tablets, computers, and laptops for Stony Plain and area. With expert staff dedicated to providing the best customer service, we’ve got the computers that Stony Plain businesses and residents need. Plus, with our onsite service, we know we offer the best computer repair in Stony Plain by coming to you. Whether you’re looking for the latest laptops in Stony Plain, or the best selection of computers in Stony Plain, look no further than Trinus Technology centres.


Kim Croker


Kim, also known as “Hawk Eye” (no not the MASH one) is our Office Manager. She can regularly be observed scanning our Outlook calendars, comparing it to the “in/out board,” and taking us down when we lose credit card receipts. Nothing gets past her – which is why things run so smoothly.


Linda Jespersen


Linda is all action with requests bursting from every corner of the office. With tasks ranging from balancing spreadsheets to investigation management support, Linda probably knows more secrets about the company than L.A. Confidential.


Sharrell Jespersen


Sharrell is our CEO, Human Resources Coordinator, part time Office Manager, office meetings Chair, and any other role that we can squeeze into her day. Everyone loves Sharrell because she gives out presents on the 15th and 30th of every month!


Dave White


Dave is the General Manager for Trinus. A professional businessman: calm, cool, and collected is his usual manner, with an uncanny likeness to “Monk” – no, the TV character and not the zealot! Although the hair style does fit?


Kevin White


Trying to make sense out of a NAS, the INTERNET of THINGS, or IP Routing?  Baffled by a SERVER that won’t serve? Does your Email seem to be everywhere but your Inbox? You need to talk to Kevin. As one of our Account Managers, he can make tough terms easy to understand.  He specializes in small business systems that are affordable and easy to use.  Oh, and you need to ask him about the latest in GAMING computers, and see his eyes light up!


Michael Jettkant

Store Manager

Michael is the happy face in our Computer Centre. From back to school to high performance gaming computers, he can help you find your perfect setup. He is no priest, but he sure can battle unholy viruses.


Damin Massicotte


Damin is the newest addition to the Computer Centre team but that does not mean he doesn’t know what he is doing. He is our MacGyver of the team and can problem solve anything. Damin is here to help fix your computer or assist you in finding a new one.


Josiah Sawatzky


Jovial Josiah is our technician who you will see in the Trinus Computer Center. Helpful, and friendly, “Jo” will fix your computer, help you find something you are looking for, or be the one who names our custom computers.