Blog / Nice Cars! Much to my wife's chagrin, I do like to drive nice vehicles. Her encouragement to drive more sensible cars falls on deaf ears. I am currently in my English phase, which usually means more cost and more difficult repairs. October 31, 2017
Blog / 65 Days until Christmas I was searching around for a suitable topic for this week's newsletter when our Cyber Security Supervisor Karl Buckley forwarded a timely article to me that he wrote about Online Shopping. October 20, 2017
Blog / The Role of IT The role of IT in your organization is not just to help make sure your computers are up & running. Making sure your devices are secure, is an important job for them too. October 20, 2017
Blog / WIFI Vulnerability (KRACK) By now, most of you should have heard about KRACK, or at least that there is a serious vulnerability that exists in WIFI devices around the world. October 20, 2017
Blog / Yet Another Crypto-wall Virus One of our techs went on a lengthy road trip last week.  It took him just over 10 hours to drive to the Client's location with a van-full of tech gear; essentially a complete network. He worked for two days and then drove home. He was gone the better part of a week. Thankfully, it's not a common occurrence. October 05, 2017
Blog / EQUIFAX Security Breach EQUIFAX Security Breach Malware attack impacts up to 100,000 Canadian clients EQUIFAX has been in the news recently – and it’s not good reports. Their database of user information – names, drivers’ license information, social insurance data, and more – has been hacked.  For those unfamiliar with EQUIFAX, they are a credit reporting agency that rates […] September 29, 2017
Blog / Life Without Wires Life Without Wires Network Cabling is Still a Significant Cost to Proper Networking For as long as I have been in the computer industry, the promise of true wireless has been just around the corner.  Not only devices that don’t need a network cable, but ones that don’t have any wires at all; no power, […] August 25, 2017
Blog / Social Media – What’s the Fuss? Social Media – What’s the Fuss? Taking a look at Social Media from a Manager’s Perspective Our Marketing Supervisor Chris Penn has been attending a Social Media Summer School in Spruce Grove for the past 8 weeks,  The 3-hour sessions were held every Wednesday morning and  attended by 4 to 6 students in each class.  I sat in on […] August 18, 2017
Blog / The NEW Cloud The NEW Cloud Next Generation of Cloud Providers may be in your Neighbourhood This August, Intel announced a new generation of server processors and related products.  You have to be very geeky to get excited about this – and at Trinus we are. There are some big changes coming to new servers in the areas […] August 14, 2017
Blog / Your New Security Guard Your New Security Guard Organizations can benefit from a Holistic Approach to Cyber Security. I indicated last time that I had returned from holidays this week.  And while true, I wanted to include one more article from Karl Buckley, our Cyber Security Supervisor – as his submission this week is a follow-up to one previously […] August 05, 2017
Blog / RSS Feeds RSS Feeds Rich Site Summary is a way to filter large amounts of website data into a concise summary. Today I wanted to share a tool that you may not be aware of: They are called RSS feeds. RSS stands for “Rich Site Summary” and it’s a way to get updates and notifications from websites […] July 27, 2017
Blog / Hiding Viruses Inside of Files Hiding Viruses Inside of Files Why are some file formats more dangerous that others? You often hear about the dangers of opening attachments in your email. The problem is that nobody bothers to explain exactly WHY this is dangerous. “Oh you could get a virus” sure that explains WHAT could happen, but not WHY. I […] July 20, 2017
Blog / Cyber-Awareness and Cyber-Bullying Bullying is real. It exists and it happens. This is a fact that most people accept and understand. "Cyber-Bullying" is just as real and happens (probably more than you might think) July 13, 2017
Blog / Travel Plans Travel Plans SmartPhones and Laptops can be examined at border crossings I am getting ready for some overseas travel next week, and as it’s a business trip that involves technology, I am taking a lot of it with me – 2 laptops, a tablet, and of course my SmartPhone. There was a timely information segment […] March 02, 2017
Blog / Hot Potato! Hot Potato! Regular backups are a necessary evil that no one wants to deal with By far the most common question/complaint we get when talking to clients concerns backups. It’s almost universally accepted that they need to be done, but few want the responsibility of taking care of them. February 22, 2017
Blog / If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It Lack of proactive maintenance and replacements hits client hard My Dad always believed in preventative car maintenance.  Not only did he want to insure we had a good vehicle to use, he also loved to tinker with cars at the local garage. I got to tag along. This […] February 09, 2017
Blog / Be Prepared! Be Prepared! Contrasting approaches to Virus Countermeasures Impact Operations for 2 Clients I remember attending Boy Scouts as a youth.  The motto Be Prepared was drilled into us every week.  To reinforce it, they taught us lessons on how to build a campfire and cook over it, how to tie knots properly, and other skills […] February 06, 2017
Blog / You’re Busted! You’re Busted! Latest SPAM plays on basic human fear of getting caught speeding It was bound to happen sooner or later.  The hackers are sending out speeding tickets.  With just about every jurisdiction in North America using photo radar cameras to enforce speed limits and traffic laws, most of us are accustomed to receiving their […] January 30, 2017
Blog / Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep … Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep … Complacent professional corporation is a ripe target for information theft I recently spent the better part of 2 days in a professional office in downtown Edmonton for meetings.  It wasn’t one of our clients; I was there representing someone else.  There was lots of downtime between sessions, […] January 16, 2017
Blog / More Stuff You Might Not Need More Stuff You Might Not Need Upcoming Trends in Technology from the Consumer Electronics Show About every other year, a colleague and I attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  Yes, we have some fun, but the intent is to pick up on industry trends for future technologies that will be coming to […] January 13, 2017
Blog / Appropriate Technology Appropriate Technology Of paper, highlighters and calculators I recently had to prepare for a series of meetings.  My task was to review and distill about 5,000 pages of information into a timeline, picking out the important milestones and organizing them into something I could use for reference as the meetings progressed. The source documents were […] January 10, 2017
Blog / Pretty In Pink Pretty in Pink What’s it take to track down and eradicate a hacker attack … No, this is not a review of the 1986 movie starring Molly Ringwald; I’ve never even seen it – and from reading a few online reviews, I don’t want to. But it does refer to a recent episode whereby one […] January 02, 2017
Blog / Amway’s Evil Twin Sister Amway’s Evil Twin Sister Latest ransomware encourages victims to sacrifice their friends and colleagues. I’m sure most of you will remember Amway, it seemed impossible to avoid a friend or colleague that was selling their products in the home.  The marketing scheme was simple, but effective – as an Amway dealer, you were to leverage […] December 29, 2016
Blog / The BIGGER They are … The BIGGER They are … The harder they fall – Botnet attack brings down DYN, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon Our story today – dear readers – begins innocently enough with a very simple virus that penetrated several Internet-enabled devices that still had the default manufacturer’s passwords.  These were dumb devices like printers, routers, security (IP) cameras, […] December 26, 2016
Blog / You Have Mail! You Have Mail! Canada Post SCAM leads to malware infection A client recently received an Email that appeared to be from Canada Post claiming that they had a package waiting for delivery.  It has the usual information about the delivery; ID number, date and time, and a payment amount.  There is even a link to […] December 12, 2016
Blog / The Devil You Know… The Devil You Know … IT Manager does malicious damage to local college You may have picked up on a recent news investigation report from CBC and others about the massive trouble at Norquest College.  It appears that back in February, 2013 a disgruntled IT Manager perpetrated two fraud schemes against senior staff as a backlash […] December 10, 2016
Blog / It’s BUDGET Time It’s BUDGET Time The leaves change colour and it’s time to start thinking about budgets. Many of our clients are municipalities who operate with a fiscal year and that coincides with the calendar year.  That means they need to start preparing budgets in the fall to insure their elected officials have time to review and […] September 10, 2016
Blog / The BIG Phone Book: How do Email and website requests find you? The BIG Phone Book How do Email and website requests find you? We were recently transitioning a client to a new Email system.  It required that some settings be changed in their DNS to point to the new provider.  The matter was complicated by the addition of another technology provider who also needed to change […] August 22, 2016
Blog / Who is Calling Please? Aggressive Phone Solicitation Preys on Old Fears Who is Calling Please? Aggressive Phone Solicitation Preys on Old Fears A client called us yesterday to question the security and stability of their network.  The call wasn’t really serious as the long-standing client knows we have their network support and security under good control.  But they did want to report a new twist on […] August 10, 2016
Blog / What Did You Say? Firewall 101 What is a Firewall Anyway? I recently had a client ask me a question: What is a firewall?  I was somewhat taken aback as I had just Emailed them about the virtues of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Blocking service that we were recommending for the Dynamic Filtering Services on their Watchguard firewall … I might […] July 27, 2016
Blog / I Hate Passwords! Lax Password Enforcement is still a Priority Concern We hear the phrase I Hate Passwords in one form or another with monotonous regularity. I think I have muttered it under my breath several times recently. I decided to take inventory. Between personal and business, I added up the number of accounts that require some sort […] July 21, 2016
Blog / Katy, Bar the Door – Literally Physical Security Begins with a Simple Change in Door Locks Katy Bar the Door is a strange phrase with it’s origins in the story of Catherine Douglas from Scottish history of the 15th century. She used her arm to block a door that was left unbolted as the King and court escaped from would-be assassins. She […] July 14, 2016
Blog / Anti-virus Software is prone to attacks by the way it scans files for viruses We recently became aware of a bug in the Symantec EndPoint anti-virus software that makes it prone to virus attacks. The vulnerability is common to just about all versions of Symantec anti-virus products including Norton, EndPoint, Email, and SharePoint AV products. The vulnerability has to do with the way Symantec checks executable (exe) files for […] July 08, 2016
Blog / IMPORTANT: Crypto-Wall IMPORTANT INFORMATION It has come to our attention the number of clients who are being affected by the Crypto-Wall virus (AKA: Crypto-Locker or Ransomware) have all of a sudden jumped.  It is important that the users on your system understand the dangerous nature of this type of virus. Here are a few facts on the […] August 28, 2015
Blog / Informed and Warned! Google Indexing Personal Data Is Google Indexing your Personal Data? April 16th By Kevin White If you use a computer chances are that you also use Google to search for various things on a daily basis.  But what if someone else on the internet could use Google to search for your private information that you had once thought was […] April 16, 2015
Blog / Informed and Warned! Cryptowall Virus   Be aware of this new super virus. It’s called the Cryptowall 3.0 and it is out to do as much damage as possible. Read about it here!   Click here to go back to Business Solutions April 02, 2015

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