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What is a ChromeBook?

If you are looking for a back to school device you have likely heard of “Chromebooks”. Despite their growing popularity many people are still unfamiliar with what the differences are between a ChromeBook and a traditional laptop. In their simplest form Chromebooks are the first true “cloud inspired” piece of hardware that has been designed in the computing world. But what does that mean? Chromebooks don’t use a traditional operating system like Windows or Mac OSX, in fact, the operating system in use on a ChromeBook will be similar to anyone who uses the Chrome web browser. This similarity stems from the fact that ChromeBooks really are nothing more than the Chrome web browser running directly on a laptop.

This makes ChromeBooks a great fit for education because most education institutions are using Google Docs to share and create documents. Rather than using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), schools are using the free Google Doc’s programs which offers a great way to save money and collaborate on projects.  The limited ability of ChromeBooks also pays dividends in the sense that students are limited in what the device can do and thus, have less avenues for distraction in the classroom. Due to the fact that ChromeBooks can’t install traditional programs or applications, students are also unable to install games on the ChromeBook.

Still have questions about ChromeBooks? Visit or call Trinus Computer Centre and have a computing expert make sense of it all.

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