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Product Showcase Lenovo N21

If you have been shopping for a laptop or tablet for back to school this year, chances are you have heard the word “ChromeBook” thrown around a few times. If you are still unsure what makes a ChromeBook different from a traditional computer feel free to check out our article here for more details. Like other computers ChromeBooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes with varying levels of performance. Like other computers not all ChromeBooks are created equal and some may not feature the performance or build quality that others have.

The gold standard for ChromeBooks is the Lenovo N21. The N21 represents the best mix of price, performance and build quality on the market today. To start the N21 keeps things under $300.00 with an attractive price of $289.99.

In terms of performance the N21 makes use of an Intel Dual Core processor that is typically found in full blown Windows laptops. While ChromeBooks require less processing power than their Windows based counterparts, it is still important that a ChromeBook have the power to perform advanced web applications. Things like watching movies or streaming video to a ChromeBook require more power than “ARM” (processor type) based ChromeBooks can typically provide. The N21 can stream full resolution video with ease thanks to its powerful processor. The N21 also features 4GB of RAM which is essential when working on more than one thing at a time. Listening to music while researching for an assignment? No problem for the N21.

The N21’s benefits don’t stop with performance and price. For those unfamiliar with the Lenovo brand it may surprise you to know that Lenovo is actually the largest PC manufacturer in the world. With strong roots in the Asian markets Lenovo purchased the consumer PC division of IMB in the early 2000’s. Since then Lenovo has continued to produce products with the same legendary quality of IBM under a new name. The N21 is no exception to this quality and provides a strong yet light (it weighs less than 3 pounds) construction. The N21 even features an integrated handle for easy carrying between classrooms.

Interested in learning more about the Lenovo N21 ChromeBook? Feel free to call the Trinus Computer Centre at 780-968-1333 to talk with one of our back to school computing experts. If you would like to see one for yourself they are on display in our Stony Plain show room so stop by at your convenience.

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