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If you are a student (or a parent of a student) in school throughout the Parkland School Division, you will notice this year that most classrooms starting in Grade 4 and moving all the way to Grade 9 will begin using tablets, laptops, or ChromeBooks on a daily basis as the primary learning tool in the classroom.  The school division in Parkland County has left it to the students to provide their own device to fill this roll. In turn most schools are supplying traditional school supplies for students with smart devices at little or no cost in an attempt to help offset the cost of the smart device itself.  This leaves the door almost wide open for students and parents to pick a device of their choosing, provided it supports the Google Doc’s Cloud system.

Not sure which device is best for you or your child? Visit or call Trinus Computer Centre and have a computing expert assist you in making sense of it all.

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